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2018 JACC Volume 72 Supplement 2 October  (573).pdf.jpg2018GW29-e1390 MYH7 (c.2011C>T p.R671c) mutation causes the phenotype and clinical study of three different cardiac hypertrophy in the same familyHuang, Mimi; Yu, Wei
2016 CID Volume 63 Issue 1 July (4).pdf.jpg2016How Will New Guidelines Affect CD4 Testing in Veterans With HIV ?Barnett, Paul G; Schmitt, Susan K; Yu, Wei; Goetz, Matthew Bidwell; Ohl, Michael E; Asch, Steven M
2012medicine article ab (109).pdf.jpg2012Improved image quality in dual-energy abdominal CT: comparison of iterative reconstruction in image space and filtered back projection reconstructionWang, Rui; Yu, Wei; Wu, Runze; Yang, Hua; Lu, Dongxu; Liu, Jiayi; Zhang, Zhaoqi; Zhang, Chuanchen
2018 JDR Volume 85 Issue 2 May (25).pdf.jpg2018RagD regulates amino acid mediated-casein synthesis and cell proliferation via mTOR signalling in cow mammary epithelial cellsMu, Ying; Zheng, Dongmei; Wang, Cong; Yu, Wei; Zhang, Xiaonan
2017 JCO Volume 35 Issue 4 February (6).pdf.jpg2017Results From the Phase III Randomized Trial of Onartuzumab Plus Erlotinib Versus Erlotinib in Previously Treated Stage IIIB or IV Non – Small Cell Lung Cancer : METLungSpigel, David R; Edelman, Martin J; Byrne, Kenneth O; Paz-ares, Luis; Mocci, Simonetta; Phan, See; Shames, David S; Smith, Dustin; Yu, Wei; Paton, Virginia E; Mok, Tony
2016 JE Volume 30 Issue 4 April (19).pdf.jpg2016Ring Suture Technique in Retroperitoneal Laparoscopic Partial Nephrectomy for Hilar Cancer :Zhang, Cuijian; Li, Xuesong; Yu, Wei; Zhang, Qian; Zhou, Liqun; He, Zhisong
2018 PMB Volume 63 Issue 23 December (21).pdf.jpg2018Sparsity-induced dynamic guided filtering approach for sparse-view data toward low-dose x-ray computed tomography Sparsity-induced dynamic guided filtering approach for sparse- view data toward low-dose x-ray computed tomographyYu, Wei; Wang, Chengxiang; Nie, Xiaoying; Zeng, Dehui
2018 JACC Volume 72 Supplement 1 September (41).pdf.jpg2018TCT-40 Diagnostic accuracy of intracoronary optical coherence tomography-based quantitative flow ratio for assessment of coronary stenosisYu, Wei; Huang, Jiayue; Jia, Dean; Chen, Shaoliang; Raffel, Christopher; Ding, Daixin; Tian, Feng; Kan, Jing; Zhang, Su; Yan, Fuhua; Chen, YunDai; Bezerra, Hiram; Wijns, William; Tu, Shengxian