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2012medicine article ac (360).pdf.jpg2012Commissioning a CT-compatible LDR tandem and ovoid applicator using Monte Carlo calculation and 3D dosimetryAdamson, Justus; Newton, Joseph; Yang, Yun; Steffey, Beverly; Cai, Jing; Adamovics, John
2011medicine article o (662).pdf.jpg2011Commissioning a small-field biological irradiator using point , 2D , and 3D dosimetry techniquesNewton, Joseph; Oldham, Mark; Thomas, Andrew; Li, Yifan; Adamovics, John; Kirsch, David G
2011medicine article o (467).pdf.jpg2011Commissioning and benchmarking a 3D dosimetry system for clinical useThomas, Andrew; Newton, Joseph; Adamovics, John
2017 MPHY Volume 44 Issue 11 November  (27).pdf.jpg2017Development of a 3D remote dosimetry protocol compatible with MRgIMRTMein, Stewart; Rankine, Leith; Adamovics, John; Li, Harold; Oldham, Mark
2012medicine article bp (488).pdf.jpg2012Feasibility of using PRESAGE® for relative 3D dosimetry of small proton fieldsZhao, Li; Newton, Joseph; Oldham, Mark; Das, Indra J; Cheng, Chee-Wai; Adamovics, John
2015 MP Volume 42 Issue 2 February (31).pdf.jpg2015Investigating the accuracy of microstereotactic-body-radiotherapy utilizing anatomically accurate 3D printed rodent-morphic dosimetersBache, Steven T; Juang, Titania; Belley, Matthew D; Koontz, Bridget F; Adamovics, John
2015 PMB Volume 60 Issue 6 March (5).pdf.jpg2015An investigation of PRESAGE ® 3D dosimetry for IMRT and VMAT radiation therapy treatment verificationJackson, Jake; Juang, Titania; Adamovics, John; Oldham, Mark
2011medicine article o (241).pdf.jpg2011Investigation of radiological properties and water equivalency of PRESAGE ® dosimetersGorjiara, Tina; Hill, Robin; Adamovics, John; Bosi, Stephen
2015 PMB Volume 60 Issue 2 January (14).pdf.jpg2015Issues involved in the quantitative 3D imaging of proton doses using optical CT and chemical dosimetersDoran, Simon; Gorjiara, Tina; Kacperek, Andrzej; Adamovics, John; Kuncic, Zdenka; Baldock, Clive
2013medicine article af (529).pdf.jpg2013Performance of an improved first generation optical CT scanner for 3D dosimetryQian, Xin; Adamovics, John; Wuu, Cheng-shie
2014medicine article ad (400).pdf.jpg2014PRESAGE 3D dosimetry accurately measures Gamma Knife output factors.Klawikowski, Slade J; Yang, James N; Adamovics, John; Ibbott, Geoffrey S
2012medicine article ac (614).pdf.jpg2012Water and tissue equivalence of a new PRESAGE R formulation for 3D proton beam dosimetry : A Monte Carlo studyGorjiara, Tina; Kuncic, Zdenka; Doran, Simon; Adamovics, John