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2012medicine article a (115).pdf.jpg2012Design, Synthesis, and Biological Evaluation of New Diaminoquinazolines as β -Catenin/Tcf4 Pathway InhibitorsMao, Yongjun; Lin, Nan; Tian, Wang; Han, Xiaofeng; Han, Xiaobing; Huang, Ziwei; An, Jing
2012medicine article a (86).pdf.jpg2012Drug discovery research targeting the CXC chemokine receptor 4 (CXCR4)Choi, Won Tak; Duggineni, Srinivas; Xu, Yan; Huang, Ziwei; An, Jing
2012medicine article a (837).pdf.jpg2012Drug Discovery Research Targeting the CXC Targeting the Liver Stage of Malaria Parasites : A Yet Unmet Goal The 1 . 8 Å Crystal Structure of ACTIBIND Suggests a Mode of Action for T2 Ribonucleases As Antitumorigenic AgentsChoi, Won-tak; Duggineni, Srinivas; Xu, Yan; Huang, Ziwei; An, Jing; Rodrigues, Tiago; Prudêncio, Miguel; Moreira, Rui; Mota, Maria M; Lopes, Francisca
2012medicine article b (119).pdf.jpg2012Enantioselective Cascade Reactions of Stable Sulfur Ylides and Nitroolefins through an Axial-to-Central Chirality Transfer StrategyLu, Liang-qiu; Ming, Zhi-hui; An, Jing; Li, Chao; Chen, Jia-rong; Xiao, Wen-jing
2018 JACC Volume 72 Supplement 2 October (686).pdf.jpg2018GW29-e1652 Clinical Effect Observation of Ticagrelor on Myocardial Blood Flow Perfusion after Administered in Patients with STEMI Underwent PCIWang, Xin; An, Jing; An, Jian
2012medicine article a (615).pdf.jpg2012Novel Aromatase Inhibitors by Structure-Guided DesignGhosh, Debashis; Lo, Jessica; Morton, Daniel; Valette, Damien; Xi, Jingle; Griswold, Jennifer; Hubbell, Susan; Egbuta, Chinaza; Jiang, Wenhua; An, Jing; Davies, Huw M L
2011medicine article c (33).pdf.jpg2011r -Ketoesters with Stabilized Sulfur Ylides CatalyzedCheng, Ying; An, Jing; Lu, Liang-qiu; Luo, Lan; Wang, Zheng-yi; Chen, Jia-rong; Xiao, Wen-jing