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2017 PMB Volume 62 Issue 14 July (8).pdf.jpg2017detector Performance characterization of a 3D liquid scintillation detector for discrete spot scanning proton beam systemsRobertson, Daniel; Hui, Cheukkai; Archambault, Louis
2014medicine article ad (172).pdf.jpg2014Determination of average LET of therapeutic proton beams using Al2O3:C optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) detectors.Sawakuchi, Gabriel O; Sahoo, Narayan; Gasparian, Patricia B R; Rodriguez, Matthew G; Archambault, Louis; Titt, Uwe; Yukihara, Eduardo G
2015 MP Volume 42 Issue 12 December (18).pdf.jpg2015Dosimetric evaluation of three adaptive strategies for prostate cancer treatment including pelvic lymph nodes irradiationCantin, Audrey; Gingras, Luc; Lachance, Bernard; Foster, William; Goudreault, Julie; Archambault, Louis
2012medicine article ac (44).pdf.jpg2012Dosimetric performance and array assessment of plastic scintillation detectors for stereotactic radiosurgery quality assuranceGagnon, Jean-christophe; Guillot, Mathieu; Archambault, Louis; Beddar, Sam
2018 Medicalphysics Volume 45 Issue 11 November (18).pdf.jpg2018An EPID-based method to determine mechanical deformations in a linear acceleratorGourdeau, Daniel; Gingras, Luc; Beaulieu, Frédéric; Leclerc, Ghyslain; Archambault, Louis
2018 MedicalP Volume 45 Issue 8 August (49).pdf.jpg2018Establishing action threshold for change in patient anatomy using EPID gamma analysis and PTV coverage for head and neck radiotherapy treatmentVarfalvy, Nicolas; Archambault, Louis
2017 MP Volume 44 Issue 2 February (32).pdf.jpg2017Experimental investigation on the accuracy of plastic scintillators and of the spectrum discrimination method in small photon fi eldsArchambault, Louis; Seuntjens, Jan
2012medicine article ac (396).pdf.jpg2012High resolution 2D dose measurement device based on a few long scintillating fibers and tomographic reconstruction a )Goulet, Mathieu; Archambault, Louis; Beaulieu, Luc; Gingras, Luc
2012medicine article bp (358).pdf.jpg2012A mathematical formalism for hyperspectral, multipoint plastic scintillation detectorsArchambault, Louis; Therriault-Proulx, François; Beddar, Sam; Beaulieu, Luc
2011medicine article o (663).pdf.jpg2011A new water-equivalent 2D plastic scintillation detectors array for the dosimetry of megavoltage energy photon beams in radiation therapyGuillot, Mathieu; Beaulieu, Luc; Archambault, Louis; Beddar, Sam
2014medicine article ad (8).pdf.jpg2014Optical artefact characterization and correction in volumetric scintillation dosimetryRobertson, Daniel; Hui, Cheukkai; Archambault, Louis; Mohan, Radhe; Beddar, Sam
2013medicine article af (263).pdf.jpg2013Performance assessment of a 2D array of plastic scintillation detectors for IMRT quality assuranceGuillot, Mathieu; Gingras, Luc; Archambault, Louis
2011medicine article o (227).pdf.jpg2011Spectral method for the correction of the Cerenkov light effect in plastic scintillation detectors : A comparison study of calibration procedures and validation in Cerenkov light-dominated situationsGuillot, Mathieu; Gingras, Luc; Archambault, Louis
2011medicine article o (144).pdf.jpg2011Technical Note : Determining regions of interest for CCD camera-based fiber optic luminescence dosimetry by examining signal-to-noise ratioKlein, David M; Therriault-proulx, Francois; Archambault, Louis; Briere, Tina M
2012medicine article ac (444).pdf.jpg2012Validating plastic scintillation detectors for photon dosimetry in the radiologic energy rangeLessard, François; Archambault, Louis; Plamondon, Mathieu; Després, Philippe; Beddar, Sam