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2016 AJODO Volume 150 Issue 5 November (9).pdf.jpg2016Accuracy and reliability of orthodontists using cone-beam computerized tomography for assessment of adenoid hypertrophy ^Article, Original
2016 EJN Volume 23 Issue 8 August (7).pdf.jpg2016Accuracy of transcranial brain parenchyma sonography in the diagnosis of dementia with Lewy bodiesArticle, Original
2017 EJN Volume 24 Issue 8 August (2).pdf.jpg2017Acute flaccid myelitis in childhood : a retrospective cohort studyArticle, Original
2016 EJN Volume 23 Issue 7 July (11).pdf.jpg2016ADCK3 mutations with epilepsy , stroke-like episodes and ataxia : a POLG mimic ?Article, Original
2017 CANCER Volume 123 Issue 18 September (20).pdf.jpg2017Additional Cytogenetic Abnormalities and Variant t ( 9 ; 22 ) at the Diagnosis of Childhood Chronic Myeloid LeukemiaArticle, Original
2017 CANCER Volume 123 Issue 1 January (16).pdf.jpg2017Adoption of Pediatric Inspired Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Regimens by Adult Oncologists Treating Adolescents and Young Adults : A Population Based StudyArticle, Original
2016 EAD Volume 30 Issue 5 May (10).pdf.jpg2016AFAST – Adult Female Acne Scoring Tool : an easy-to-use tool for scoring acne in adult femalesArticle, Original
2017 EAdermatology Volume 31 Issue 9 September (6).pdf.jpg2017Alopecia areata – hyperactivity of the hypothalamic – pituitary – adrenal axis is a myth Article, Original
2018 AO Volume 88 Issue 1 January (8).pdf.jpg2018Alveolar bone response to light-force tipping and bodily movement in maxillary incisor advancement : A prospective randomized clinical trialArticle, Original
2016 AO Volume 86 Issue 3 May (26).pdf.jpg2016Anchorage condition during canine retraction using transpalatal arch with continuous and segmented arch mechanicsArticle, Original
2018 Cancer Volume 124 Issue 12 June (4).pdf.jpg2018Anti-Thymocyte Globulin Improves Survival Free From Relapse and Graft-Versus-Host Disease After Allogeneic Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Transplantation in Patients With Philadelphia- Negative Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia : An Analysis by the Acute LeukemiaArticle, Original
2018 EJN Volume 25 Issue 1 January (30).pdf.jpg2018An assessment of Movement Disorder Society Task Force diagnostic criteria for mild cognitive impairment in Parkinson ’ s diseaseArticle, Original
2018 EJN Volume 25 Issue 2 February (16).pdf.jpg2018Associated conditions in small fiber neuropathy – a large cohort study and review of the literatureArticle, Original
2016 AJODO Volume 150 Issue 4 October (9).pdf.jpg2016Association between frontal sinus morphology and cervical vertebral maturation for the assessment of skeletal maturityArticle, Original
2018 EJN Volume 25 Issue 8 August (19).pdf.jpg2018Association between impaired renal function and stroke outcome in patients with versus without atrial fibrillationArticle, Original
2016 AJODO Volume 150 Issue 1 July (13).pdf.jpg2016Association between malocclusion and the contextual factors of quality of life and socioeconomic statusArticle, Original
2018 EJN Volume 25 Issue 6 June (2).pdf.jpg2018Association study of functional polymorphisms of dopaminergic pathway in epilepsy-related factors of temporal lobe epilepsy in Brazilian populationArticle, Original
2017 EJN Volume 24 Issue 12 December (19).pdf.jpg2017Atrial fibrillation is associated with cognitive decline in stroke-free subjects : the Tromsø StudyArticle, Original
2017 AJODO Volume 151 Issue 3 March (5).pdf.jpg2017Bisphenol A release from orthodontic adhesives measured in vitro and in vivo with gas chromatographyArticle, Original
2018 EJN Volume 25 Issue 8 August (16).pdf.jpg2018Blood pressure levels in the acute phase after intracerebral hemorrhage are associated with mortality in young adultsArticle, Original