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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2016 AD Volume 152 Issue 10 October (29).pdf.jpg2016Application of Recursive Partitioning to Derive and Validate a Claims-Based Algorithm for Identifying Keratinocyte Carcinoma (Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer)Chan, An-wen; Fung, Kinwah; Tran, Jennifer M; Kitchen, Jessica; Austin, Peter C; Weinstock, Martin A; Rochon, Paula A
2018 SM Volume 37 Issue 12 May (3).pdf.jpg2018Assessing the performance of the generalized propensity score for estimating the effect of quantitative or continuous exposures on binary outcomesAustin, Peter C
2016 NEUR Volume 86 Issue 17 April (7).pdf.jpg2016Association between hospitalization and care after transient ischemic attack or minor strokeKapral, Moira K; Hall, Ruth; Austin, Peter C; Silver, Frank L; Gladstone, David J; Stamplecoski, Melissa; Tu, Jack V
2016 JCO Volume 34 Issue 19 July (20).pdf.jpg2016Breast Cancer Therapy – Related Cardiac Dysfunction in Adult Women Treated in Routine Clinical Practice : A Population-Based Cohort StudyThavendiranathan, Paaladinesh; Abdel-qadir, Husam; Fischer, Hadas D; Camacho, Ximena; Amir, Eitan; Austin, Peter C; Lee, Douglas S
2016 JACC Volume 68 Issue 19 November (4).pdf.jpg2016High-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol and Cause-Specific Mortality in Individuals Without Previous Cardiovascular ConditionsKo, Dennis T; Alter, David A; Guo, Helen; Koh, Maria; Lau, Geoffrey; Austin, Peter C; Booth, Gillian L; Hogg, William; Jackevicius, Cynthia A; Lee, Douglas S; Wijeysundera, Harindra C; Wilkins, John T; Tu, Jack V
2015 CRIR Volume 132 Issue 16 October  (12).pdf.jpg2015Incidence of Major Cardiovascular Events in Immigrants to Ontario , Canada The CANHEART Immigrant StudyTu, Jack V; Chu, Anna; Rezai, Mohammad R; Guo, Helen; Maclagan, Laura C; Austin, Peter C; Booth, Gillian L; Manuel, Douglas G; Chiu, Maria; Ko, Dennis T; Lee, Douglas S; Shah, Baiju R; Donovan, Linda R; Sohail, Qazi Zain; Alter, David A
2018 SM Volume 37  Issue 4 February  (2).pdf.jpg2018Measures of clustering and heterogeneity in multilevel Poisson regression analyses of rates / count dataAustin, Peter C
2017 JACC Volume 69 Issue 12 March (2).pdf.jpg2017PEITHO Long Term Outcomes Study: Data Disrupt Dogma Samuel Z. Goldhaber 1545Yan, Andrew T; Koh, Maria; Chan, Kelvin K; Guo, Helen; Alter, David A; Austin, Peter C; Tu, Jack V; Wijeysundera, Harindra C; Ko, Dennis T; Konstantinides, Stavros V; Vicaut, Eric; Danays, Thierry; Becattini, Cecilia; Bertoletti, Laurent; Beyer-westendorf, Jan; Bouvaist
2017 JConcology Volume 35 Issue 24 August (10).pdf.jpg2017Regionalization and Outcomes of Lung Cancer Surgery inBendzsak, Anna M; Baxter, Nancy N; Darling, Gail E; Austin, Peter C; Urbach, David R
2017 NEUR Volume 88 Issue 1 January (11).pdf.jpg2017Risk of fractures after stroke Results from the Ontario Stroke RegistryKapral, Moira K; Cram, Peter; Cheung, Angela M; Prager, Marla; Stamplecoski, Melissa; Austin, Peter C
2018 JCO Volume 36 Issue 30 October (5).pdf.jpg2018Risk-Imaging Mismatch in Cardiac Imaging Practices for Women Receiving Systemic Therapy for Early-Stage Breast Cancer : A Population-Based Cohort StudyThavendiranathan, Paaladinesh; Abdel-qadir, Husam; Fischer, Hadas D; Liu, Ying; Camacho, Ximena; Amir, Eitan; Austin, Peter C; Lee, Douglas S
2016 CIRC Volume 133 Issue 6 February (3).pdf.jpg2016Statistical Primer for Cardiovascular Research Introduction to the Analysis of Survival Data in the Presence of Competing RisksAustin, Peter C; Lee, Douglas S; Fine, Jason P
2016 CANCER Volume 122 Issue 17 Septembert (8).pdf.jpg2016The Temporal Relationship Between Diabetes and Cancer : A Population-Based StudyLega, Iliana C; Wilton, Andrew S; Austin, Peter C; Fischer, Hadas D