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2018 ATS Volume 105 Issue 6 June (39).pdf.jpg2018Bilateral Opposing Loop Technique for Securing Air KnotsSeese, Laura M; Bakaeen, Faisal G; Sultan, Ibrahim; Chu, Danny
2013medicine article ae (36).pdf.jpg2013Conduits in Coronary Artery Bypass GraftingBakaeen, Faisal G; Zenati, Marco A
2019 ATS Volume 107 Issue 1 January (65).pdf.jpg2019Costs Five Years After Off-Pump or On-Pump Coronary Artery Bypass SurgeryWagner, Todd H; Hattler, Brack; Bakaeen, Faisal G; Collins, Joseph F; Almassi, G Hossein; Quin, Jacquelyn A; Grover, Frederick L; Bishawi, Muath; Shroyer, A Laurie W; Randomized, V A
2014medicine article m (346).pdf.jpg2014Homograft use in reoperative aortic root and proximal aortic surgery for endocarditis: A 12-year experience in high-risk patients.Preventza, Ourania; Mohamed, Ahmed S; Cooley, Denton a; Rodriguez, Victor; Bakaeen, Faisal G; Cornwell, Lorraine D; Omer, Shuab; Coselli, Joseph S
2017 JACC Volume 70 Issue 5 August (4).pdf.jpg2017Influence of Diabetes on Long Term Coronary Artery Bypass Graft PatencyRaza, Sajjad; Blackstone, Eugene H; Ms, Penny L Houghtaling; Rajeswaran, Jeevanantham; Riaz, Haris; Bakaeen, Faisal G; Lincoff, A Michael; Iii, Joseph F Sabik
2017 ATS Volume 104 Issue 5 November (20).pdf.jpg2017ORIGINAL ARTICLES : ADULT CARDIAC The Stent Is Not to Blame : Lessons Learned With a Simpli fi ed US Version of the Frozen Elephant TrunkPreventza, Ourania; Coselli, Joseph S; Mayor, Jessica; Simpson, Katherine; Carillo, Julius; Price, Matt D; Cornwell, Lorraine D; Omer, Shuab; Cruz, Kim I De; Bakaeen, Faisal G; Jobe, Arin
2012medicine article y (259).pdf.jpg2012Outcomes of concomitant aortic valve replacement and coronary artery bypass grafting at teaching hospitals versus nonteaching hospitalsGopaldas, Raja R; Bakaeen, Faisal G; Dao, Tam K; Coselli, Joseph S; Lemaire, Scott A; Huh, Joseph; Chu, Danny
2017 EJCTS Volume 52 Issue 6 December (38).pdf.jpg2017Randomized comparison of the clinical outcome of single versus multiple arterial grafts : the ROMA trial — rationale and study protocolGaudino, Mario; Alexander, John H; Bakaeen, Faisal G; Ballman, Karla; Barili, Fabio; Maria, Antonio; Davierwala, Piroze; Goldman, Steven; Kappetein, Peter; Lorusso, Roberto; Mylotte, Darren; Pagano, Domenico; Ruel, Marc; Schwann, Thomas; Suma, Hisayoshi; Taggart, David
2015 JTCS Volume Suppl. 1 (24).pdf.jpg2015Reprint of : Reoperations on the total aortic arch in 119 patients : Short- and mid-term outcomes , focusing on composite adverse outcomes and survival analysis *Preventza, Ourania; Garcia, Andrea; Cooley, Denton A; Tuluca, Alexandra; Simpson, Katherine H; Bakaeen, Faisal G; Omer, Shuab; Cornwell, Lorraine; Rosengart, Todd K; Coselli, Joseph S; Arch, Aortic
2017 ATS Volume 103 Issue 1 January (92).pdf.jpg2017The Society of Thoracic Surgeons 2017 Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Surgical Treatment of Atrial FibrillationBadhwar, Vinay; Rankin, J Scott; Damiano, Ralph J; Gillinov, A Marc; Bakaeen, Faisal G; Edgerton, James R; Philpott, Jonathan M; Mccarthy, Patrick M; Bolling, Steven F; Roberts, Harold G; Thourani, Vinod H; Suri, Rakesh M; Shemin, Richard J; Firestone, Scott; Ad, Niv
2016 ATS Volume 101 Issue 2 February (100).pdf.jpg2016The Society of Thoracic Surgeons Clinical Practice Guidelines on Arterial Conduits for Coronary Artery Bypass GraftingAldea, Gabriel S; Bakaeen, Faisal G; Pal, Jay; Fremes, Stephen; Head, Stuart J; Sabik, Joseph; Rosengart, Todd; Kappetein, A Pieter; Thourani, Vinod H; Firestone, Scott; Mitchell, John D
2017 JACC Volume 70 Issue 5 August (2).pdf.jpg2017Striking the Balance Between Bene fi ts and Costs of Ticagrelor Beyond 1 Year After Myocardial Infarction Eliano P. Navarese, Jan G.P. Tijssen 539Raza, Sajjad; Blackstone, Eugene H; Houghtaling, Penny L; Rajeswaran, Jeevanantham; Riaz, Haris; Bakaeen, Faisal G; Lincoff, A Michael; Iii, Joseph F Sabik; Taggart, David P; Benedetto, Umberto; Magnuson, Elizabeth A; Li, Haiyan; Wang, Kaijun; Vilain, Katherine; Sha, A
2016 CIRC Volume 134 Issue 17 October (5).pdf.jpg2016Tailoring Operations to the Patient Is Always BestBakaeen, Faisal G
2014medicine article m (664).pdf.jpg2014Trends in use of off-pump coronary artery bypass grafting: Results from the Society of Thoracic Surgeons Adult Cardiac Surgery Database.Bakaeen, Faisal G; Shroyer, a Laurie W; Gammie, James S; Sabik, Joseph F; Cornwell, Lorraine D; Coselli, Joseph S; Rosengart, Todd K; O'Brien, Sean M; Wallace, Amelia; Shahian, David M; Grover, Frederick L; Puskas, John D