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2017 FS Volume 108  Issue 5 November (20).pdf.jpg2017Assessing the use of assisted reproductive technology in the United States by non – United States residentsLevine, Aaron D; Ph, D; Boulet, Sheree L; Berry, Roberta M; Ph, D; Jamieson, Denise J
2016 FS Volume 106 Issue 3 September (13).pdf.jpg2016Assisted reproductive technology and perinatal outcomes : conventional versus discordant-sibling designDhalwani, Nafeesa N; Boulet, Sheree L; Kissin, Dmitry M; Zhang, Yujia
2016 FS Volume 105 Issue 2 February (29).pdf.jpg2016Costs of achieving live birth from assisted reproductive technology : a comparison of sequential single and double embryo transfer approachesCrawford, Sara; Boulet, Sheree L; Mneimneh, Allison S
2016 FS Volume 106 Issue 5 October (12).pdf.jpg2016Elective single embryo transfer in women less than age 38 years reduces multiple birth rates , but not live birth rates , in United States fertility clinicsMancuso, Abigail C; Boulet, Sheree L; Duran, Eyup; Munch, Erika
2015 FS Volume 104 Issue 2 August (24).pdf.jpg2015Embryo transfer practices and perinatal outcomes by insurance mandate statusBoulet, Sheree L; Crawford, Sara; Zhang, Yujia; Sunderam, Saswati
2015 PN Volume 30 Issue 5 May (19).pdf.jpg2015Healthcare burden of venous thromboembolism in childhood chronic renal diseasesKerlin, Bryce A; Smoyer, William E; Tsai, James; Boulet, Sheree L
2017 JAMA Volume 317 Issue 12 March (21).pdf.jpg2017In Vitro Fertilization Insurance Coverage and Chances of a Live BirthLevine, Aaron D; Boulet, Sheree L; Kissin, Dmitry M
2018 AJE Volume 187 Issue 8 August (15).pdf.jpg2018Original Contribution Preterm Birth and Small Size for Gestational Age in Singleton , In Vitro Fertilization Births Using Donor OocytesBoulet, Sheree L; Kawwass, Jennifer F; Crawford, Sara; Davies, Michael J; Kissin, Dmitry M
2016 FS Volume 105 Issue 2 February (17).pdf.jpg2016Outcomes of in vitro fertilization with preimplantation genetic diagnosis : an analysis of the United States Assisted Reproductive TechnologyChang, Jeani; Boulet, Sheree L; Jeng, Gary; Flowers, Lisa
2016 AJOG Volume 215 Issue 6 December (7).pdf.jpg2016through 2013Kawwass, Jennifer F; Crawford, Sara; Hipp, Heather S; Boulet, Sheree L
2016 FS Volume 106 Issue 2 August (15).pdf.jpg2016Trends and outcomes of gestational surrogacy in the United StatesPerkins, Kiran M; Boulet, Sheree L; Jamieson, Denise J
2012medicine article r (521).pdf.jpg2012Trends in Venous Thromboembolism-RelatedBoulet, Sheree L; Grosse, Scott D; Thornburg, Courtney D; Yusuf, Hussain; Hooper, W Craig
2016 FS Volume 105 Issue 2 February (13).pdf.jpg2016use , embryo transfer practices , and birth outcomes after infertility insurance mandates : New Jersey and ConnecticutCrawford, Sara; Boulet, Sheree L; Jamieson, Denise J