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2013medicine article ac (192).pdf.jpg2013Evaluating the impact of a quality of life assessment with feedback to clinicians in patients with schizophrenia: randomised controlled trial.Boyer, Laurent; Lançon, Christophe; Baumstarck, Karine; Parola, Nathalie; Berbis, Julie; Auquier, Pascal
2017 Laryngoscopes Volume 127 Issue 9 September (7).pdf.jpg2017Investigating Hyperventilation Syndrome in Patients Suffering From Empty Nose SyndromeMangin, David; Bequignon, Emilie; Zerah-lancner, Francoise; Isabey, Daniel; Louis, Bruno; Adnot, Serge; Boyer, Laurent; Devars, Marie
2012medicine article bm (82).pdf.jpg2012Is Hormonal Therapy Associated with Better Quality of Life inGorin-lazard, Audrey; Baumstarck, Karine; Boyer, Laurent; Penochet, Jean-claude; Pringuey, Dominique; Morange, Isabelle; Loundou, Anderson; Berbis, Julie; Auquier, Pascal; Bonierbale, Mireille
2018 BJP Volume 213 Issue 2 August (20).pdf.jpg2018Remission of depression in patients with schizophrenia and comorbid major depressive disorder : results from the FACE-SZ cohort *Fond, Guillaume; Boyer, Laurent; Berna, Fabrice; Godin, Ophélia; Bulzacka, Ewa; Andrianarisoa, Méja; Brunel, Lore; Aouizerate, Bruno; Capdevielle, Delphine; Chereau, Isabelle; Coulon, Nathalie; Amato, Thierry D; Dubertret, Caroline; Dubreucq, Julien; Faget, Catherine; L
2014medicine article z (1005).pdf.jpg2014RTMS in fibromyalgia: A randomized trial evaluating QoL and its brain metabolic substrateBoyer, Laurent; Dousset, Alix; Roussel, Philippe; Dossetto, Nathalie; Cammilleri, Serge; Piano, Virginie; Khalfa, Stéphanie; Mundler, Olivier; Donnet, Anne; Guedj, Eric
2016 JACC Volume 9 Issue 22 November (15).pdf.jpg2016Statistical Approaches to Composite EndpointsBonello, Laurent; Laine, Marc; Puymirat, Etienne; Lemesle, Gilles; Thuny, Franck; Paganelli, Franck; Michelet, Pierre; Roch, Antoine; Kerbaul, François; Boyer, Laurent; Buszman, Pawel E; Chakravarty, Tarun; Sheiban, Imad; Mehran, Roxana; Naber, Christoph; Fajadet, Jean
2014medicine article z (1217).pdf.jpg2014WriteClick Editor ’ s ChoiceGriggs, Robert C; Parkitny, Luke; Alto, Palo; Edward, Neil; Boyer, Laurent