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2018 IJoD Volume 57 Issue 3 March (7).pdf.jpg2018Association between atopic dermatitis and squamous cell carcinoma: a case-control studyCho, Janice M.; Davis, Dawn Marie R.; Wetter, David a.; Bartley, Adam C.; Brewer, Jerry D.
2017 IJD Volume 56 Issue 5 May (30).pdf.jpg2017Clinically atypical nevi following diode laser therapyAshack, Kurt a.; Brewer, Jerry D.
2014medicine article s (387).pdf.jpg2014Incidence of lentigo maligna in Olmsted County, Minnesota, 1970 to 2007Mirzoyev, Sultan a.; Knudson, Richelle M.; Reed, Kurtis B.; Hou, Jennifer L.; Lohse, Christine M.; Frohm, Marcus L.; Brewer, Jerry D.; Otley, Clark C.; Roenigk, Randall K.
2015 JAAD Volume 72 Issue 2 February (13).pdf.jpg2015Increased incidence and recurrence rates of nonmelanoma skin cancer in patients with non-Hodgkin lymphoma: A Rochester epidemiology project population-based study in MinnesotaBrewer, Jerry D.; Shanafelt, Tait D.; Khezri, Farzaneh; Sosa Seda, Ivette M.; Zubair, Adeel S.; Baum, Christian L.; Arpey, Christopher J.; Cerhan, James R.; Call, Timothy G.; Roenigk, Randall K.; Smith, Carin Y.; Weaver, Amy L.; Otley, Clark C.
2015 JAAD Volume 72 Issue 3 March (35).pdf.jpg2015Prognostic impact of fibrosarcomatous transformation in dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans: A cohort studyHoesly, Paul M.; Lowe, Garrett C.; Lohse, Christine M.; Brewer, Jerry D.; Lehman, Julia S.
2017 IJD Volume 56 Issue 11 November (7).pdf.jpg2017Risk of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia and other subtypes of non-Hodgkin lymphomaChang, Timothy W.; Weaver, Amy L.; Shanafelt, Tait D.; Habermann, Thomas M.; Wriston, Cooper C.; Cerhan, James R.; Call, Timothy G.; Brewer, Jerry D.
2018 AAD Volume 78 Issue 3 March (38).pdf.jpg2018Risk of melanoma in patients with multiple myeloma: A Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results population-based studyChang, Timothy W.; Weaver, Amy L.; Brewer, Jerry D.; Kyle, Robert a.; Baum, Christian L.