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2015 EAU Vol. 14 Issue 2 April (828).pdf.jpg2015[¹¹C]Choline PET/CT predicts survival in hormone-naive prostate cancer patients with biochemical failure after radical prostatectomy.Giovacchini, Giampiero; Incerti, Elena; Mapelli, Paola; Kirienko, Margarita; Briganti, Alberto; Gandaglia, Giorgio; Montorsi, Francesco; Gianolli, Luigi; Picchio, Maria
2015 EU Volume 68 Issue 6 December (1).pdf.jpg2015Can Clinically Significant Prostate Cancer Be Detected with Multiparametric Magnetic Resonance Imaging ? A Systematic Review of the LiteratureBriganti, Alberto; Visschere, Pieter De; Emberton, Mark; Giannarini, Gianluca; Kirkham, Alex; Taneja, Samir S; Thoeny, Harriet; Villeirs, Geert
2018 EUAUS Volume 17 Issue 2 March (1010).pdf.jpg2018Comparison of Partial Versus Radical Nephrectomy Effect on Other-cause Mortality, Cancer-specific Mortality, and 30-day Mortality in Patients Older Than 75 YearsMarchioni, Michele; Preisser, Felix; Bandini, Marco; Nazzani, Sebastiano; Tian, Zhe; Kapoor, Anil; Cindolo, Luca; Abdollah, Firas; Tilki, Derya; Briganti, Alberto; Montorsi, Francesco; Shariat, Shahrokh F.; Schips, Luigi; Karakiewicz, Pierre I.
2015 EU Volume 67 Issue 5 May (3).pdf.jpg2015Contemporary Role of Salvage Lymphadenectomy in Patients with Recurrence Following Radical ProstatectomyAbdollah, Firas; Briganti, Alberto; Montorsi, Francesco; Stenzl, Arnulf; Stief, Christian; Tombal, Bertrand; Poppel, Hein Van; Touijer, Karim
2015 EU Volume 67 Issue 3 March (12).pdf.jpg2015Defining a Standard Set of Patient-centered Outcomes for Men with Localized Prostate CancerMartin, Neil E; Massey, Laura; Stowell, Caleb; Bangma, Chris; Briganti, Alberto; Bill-axelson, Anna; Blute, Michael; Catto, James; Chen, Ronald C; Amico, Anthony V D; Fitzpatrick, John M; Frank, Steven J; Froehner, Michael; Frydenberg, Mark; Glaser, Adam; Graefen, Marku
2012medicine article bm (410).pdf.jpg2012Delay in Seeking Medical Help in Patients with New-Onset Erectile Dysfunction Remained High Over and Despite the PDE5 Era —Salonia, Andrea; Ferrari, Matteo; Pellucchi, Federico; Castagna, Giulia; Clementi, Maria Chiara; Matloob, Rayan; Briganti, Alberto; Rigatti, Patrizio; Montorsi, Francesco
2015 EU Volume 68 Issue 5 November (5).pdf.jpg2015A Detailed Analysis of the Association Between Postoperative Phosphodiesterase Type 5 Inhibitor Use and the Risk of Biochemical Recurrence After Radical ProstatectomyGallina, Andrea; Bianchi, Marco; Gandaglia, Giorgio; Cucchiara, Vito; Suardi, Nazareno; Montorsi, Francesco; Briganti, Alberto
2015 EAU Vol. 14 Issue 2 April (409).pdf.jpg2015A detailed analysis of the association between postoperative phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor use and the risk of biochemical recurrence after radical prostatectomyGallina, Andrea; Bianchi, Marco; Gandaglia, Giorgio; Cucchiara, Vito; Suardi, Nazareno; Montorsi, Francesco; Briganti, Alberto
2016 RO Volume 118 Issue 1 January (13).pdf.jpg2016Dose – volume effects for pelvic bone marrow in predicting hematological toxicity in prostate cancer radiotherapy with pelvic node irradiationSini, Carla; Fiorino, Claudio; Perna, Lucia; Noris, Barbara; Lucrezia, Chiara; Bianchi, Marco; Sacco, Vincenzo; Briganti, Alberto; Montorsi, Francesco; Calandrino, Riccardo; Di, Nadia; Cozzarini, Cesare
2016 EAU Voume 15 Issue 13 December (14).pdf.jpg2016Editorial BoardMontorsi, Francesco; Cooperberg, Matthew; Vickers, Andrew; Pierce, Cathy; Ayandi, Leila; Albertsen, Peter; Bolla, Michel; Chapple, Christopher; Clarke, Noel; Heidenreich, Axel; Ahmed, Hashim; Briganti, Alberto; Bryan, Richard
2015 EAU Vol. 14 Issue 2 April (478).pdf.jpg2015Effect on postoperative survival of the status of distal ureteral margin: The necessity to achieve negative margins at the time of radical cystectomy.Moschini, Marco; Gallina, Andrea; Freschi, Massimo; Luzzago, Stefano; Fossati, Nicola; Gandaglia, Giorgio; Dell׳oglio, Paolo; Damiano, Rocco; Serretta, Vincenzo; Salonia, Andrea; Montorsi, Francesco; Briganti, Alberto; Colombo, Renzo
2012medicine article bm (130).pdf.jpg2012Erectile Function Outcome after Bilateral Nerve Sparing Radical Prostatectomy : Which Patients May Be Left Untreated ?Gallina, Andrea; Ferrari, Matteo; Suardi, Nazareno; Capitanio, Umberto; Abdollah, Firas; Tutolo, Manuela; Bianchi, Marco; Salonia, Andrea; Rigatti, Patrizio; Montorsi, Francesco; Briganti, Alberto
2016 JSM Volume 13 Issue 4 April (8).pdf.jpg2016Erectile Function Recovery After Nerve-Sparing Radical Prostatectomy for Prostate Cancer : Is Back to Baseline Status Enough for Patient Satisfaction ?So, Martina; Moschini, Marco; Bianchi, Marco; Gandaglia, Giorgio; Fossati, Nicola; Oglio, Paolo Dell; Schiavina, Riccardo; Brunocilla, Eugenio; Farina, Elena; Picozzi, Marta; Salonia, Andrea; Montorsi, Francesco; Briganti, Alberto
2012medicine article bm (287).pdf.jpg2012Extended Pelvic Lymph Node Dissection Does Not Affect Erectile Function Recovery in Patients Treated with Bilateral Nerve-Sparing Radical ProstatectomyGandaglia, Giorgio; Suardi, Nazareno; Gallina, Andrea; Abdollah, Firas; Capitanio, Umberto; Salonia, Andrea; Colombo, Renzo; Bianchi, Marco; Chun, Felix K.; Hansen, Jens; Rigatti, Patrizio; Montorsi, Francesco; Briganti, Alberto
2018 EUAUS Volume 17 Issue 2 March (899).pdf.jpg2018First North American validation and head-to-head comparison of four preoperative nomograms for prediction of lymph node invasion before radical prostatectomyBandini, Marco; Marchioni, Michele; Pompe, Raisa S.; Tian, Zhe; Gandaglia, Giorgio; Fossati, Nicola; Abdollah, Firas; Graefen, Markus; Montorsi, Francesco; Saad, Fred; Shariat, Shahrokh F.; Briganti, Alberto; Karakiewicz, Pierre I.
2017 JCO Volume 35 Issue 18 June (4).pdf.jpg2017Genomic Classi fi er Augments the Role of Pathological Features in Identifying Optimal Candidates for Adjuvant Radiation Therapy in Patients With ProstateDalela, Deepansh; Youse, Kasra; Karnes, R Jeffrey; Ross, Ashley E; Den, Robert B; Freedland, Stephen J; Schaeffer, Edward M; Dicker, Adam P; Menon, Mani; Briganti, Alberto; Davicioni, Elai
2016 IJROBP Volume 95 Issue 2 June (22).pdf.jpg2016Hematologic Toxicity in Patients Treated With Postprostatectomy Whole-Pelvis Irradiation With Different Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy Techniques Is Not Negligible and Is Prolonged : Preliminary Results of a Longitudinal , Observational StudyCozzarini, Cesare; Chiorda, Barbara Noris; Sini, Carla; Fiorino, Claudio; Briganti, Alberto; Montorsi, Francesco; Muzio, Nadia Di
2015 EU Volume 67 Issue 1 January (2).pdf.jpg2015Identifying Optimal Candidates for Local Treatment of the Primary Tumor Among Patients Diagnosed with Metastatic Prostate Cancer : A SEER-based StudyFossati, Nicola; Trinh, Quoc-dien; Sammon, Jesse; Sood, Akshay; Larcher, Alessandro; Sun, Maxine; Karakiewicz, Pierre; Guazzoni, Giorgio; Montorsi, Francesco; Briganti, Alberto; Menon, Mani; Abdollah, Firas
2015 EAU Vol. 14 Issue 2 April (712).pdf.jpg2015The Impact of Insurance Status on Tumor Characteristics and Treatment Selection in Contemporary Patients With Prostate Cancer.Fossati, Nicola; Nguyen, Daniel P; Trinh, Quoc-Dien; Sammon, Jesse; Sood, Akshay; Larcher, Alessandro; Guazzoni, Giorgio; Montorsi, Francesco; Briganti, Alberto; Menon, Mani; Abdollah, Firas
2015 EAU Vol. 14 Issue 2 April (845).pdf.jpg2015The impact of re-TUR on clinical outcomes in a large multi-centre cohort of T1-HG/G3 patients treated with BCG.Gontero, Paolo; Sylvester, Richard; Pisano, Francesca; Joniau, Steven; Oderda, Marco; Serretta, Vincenzo; Larre, Stéphane; Stasi, Savino Di; Van Rhijn, Bas; Witjes, Alfred J; Grotenhuis, Anne J; Colombo, Renzo; Briganti, Alberto; Babjuk, Marek; Soukup, Viktor; Malmstrom