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2011medicine article i (12).pdf.jpg2011Adolescent Changes in Homeostatic Regulation of EEG Activity in the Delta and Theta Frequency Bands during NREM SleepCampbell, Ian G; Darchia, Nato; Higgins, Lisa M; Dykan, Igor V; Davis, Nicole M; Bie, Evan De; Feinberg, Irwin
2018 Sleep Volume 41 Issue 12 December (4).pdf.jpg2018Differential and interacting effects of age and sleep restriction on daytime sleepiness and vigilance in adolescence: a longitudinal studyCampbell, Ian G; Van Dongen, Hans P a; Gainer, Marcus; Karmouta, Emmad; Feinberg, Irwin
2011medicine article i (214).pdf.jpg2011Evaluation of the Association of Menopausal Status with Delta and Beta EEG Activity during SleepCampbell, Ian G; Bromberger, Joyce T; Buysse, Daniel J; Hall, Martica H; Hardin, Kimberly A; Kravitz, Howard M; Matthews, Karen A; Rasor, Marianne O Neill; Utts, Jessica; Gold, Ellen
2016 JCO Volume 34 Issue 13 May (25).pdf.jpg2016J OURNAL OF C LINICAL O NCOLOGY Panel Testing for Familial Breast Cancer : Calibrating the Tension Between Research and Clinical CareThompson, Ella R; Rowley, Simone M; Li, Na; Mcinerny, Simone; Devereux, Lisa; Wong-brown, Michelle W; Trainer, Alison H; Mitchell, Gillian; Scott, Rodney J; James, Paul A; Campbell, Ian G; Mcinerny, Simone; Devereux, Lisa; Trainer, Alison H; Mitchell, Gillian; Paul, A; C
2017 JCO Volume 35 Issue 20 July (16).pdf.jpg2017J OURNAL OF C LINICAL O NCOLOGY Traceback : A Proposed Framework to Increase Identi fi cationSamimi, Goli; Bernardini, Marcus Q; Brody, Lawrence C; Caga-anan, Charlisse F; Campbell, Ian G; Couch, Fergus J; Dean, Michael; Hullu, Joanne A De; Domchek, Susan M; Drapkin, Ronny; Feigelson, Heather Spencer; Friedlander, Michael; Gaudet, Mia M; Harmsen, Marline G; Hu
2016 Sleep Volume 39 Issue 1 January (12).pdf.jpg2016Maturational Patterns of Sigma Frequency Power Across Childhood and Adolescence : A Longitudinal StudyCampbell, Ian G; Feinberg, Irwin
2016 Sleep Volume 39 Issue 9 September (8).pdf.jpg2016Restricting Time in Bed in Early Adolescence Reduces Both NREM and REM Sleep but Does Not Increase Slow Wave EEGCampbell, Ian G; Kraus, Amanda M; Burright, Christopher S; Feinberg, Irwin
2011medicine article i (47).pdf.jpg2011Topographic Differences in the Adolescent Maturation of the Slow Wave EEG during NREM SleepFeinberg, Irwin; Bie, Evan De; Davis, Nicole M; Campbell, Ian G