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2016 BJH Volume 127 Issue 21 May (12).pdf.jpg2016CLINICAL TRIALS AND OBSERVATIONS VTD is superior to VCD prior to intensive therapy in multiple myeloma : results of the prospective IFM2013-04 trialMoreau, Philippe; Hulin, Cyrille; Macro, Margaret; Caillot, Denis; Chaleteix, Carine; Roussel, Murielle; Garderet, Laurent; Royer, Bruno; Brechignac, Sabine; Tiab, Mourad; Puyade, Mathieu; Escoffre, Martine; Stoppa, Anne-marie; Godmer, Pascal; Luycx, Odile; Eisenmann, J
2016 JCO Volume 34 Issue 18 June (20).pdf.jpg2016Dexamethasone Induction Followed by Stem Cell Transplantation for Primary Plasma Cell Leukemia : A Prospective Phase II Study of the Intergroupe Francophone du My ´ elomeRoyer, Bruno; Diouf, Momar; Roussel, Murielle; Karlin, Lionel; Hulin, Cyrille; Arnulf, Bertrand; Macro, Margaret; Cailleres, Sylvie; Brion, Annie; Brechignac, Sabine; Belhadj, Karim; Chretien, Marie Lorraine; Wetterwald, Marc; Chaleteix, Carine; Tiab, Mourad; Leleu, Xav
2018 BJH Volume 132 Issue 24 December (6).pdf.jpg2018Pomalidomide, cyclophosphamide, and dexamethasone for relapsed multiple myelomaGarderet, Laurent; Kuhnowski, Frederique; Berge, Benoit; Roussel, Murielle; Escoffre-Barbe, Martine; Lafon, Ingrid; Facon, Thierry; Leleu, Xavier; Karlin, Lionel; Perrot, Aurore; Moreau, Philippe; Marit, Gerald; Stoppa, Anne-Marie; Royer, Bruno; Chaleteix, Carine; Tiab,
2017 JConcology Volume 35 Issue 25 September (10).pdf.jpg2017Prospective Evaluation of Magnetic Resonance Imaging and [ 18 F ] Fluorodeoxyglucose Positron Emission Tomography Computed Tomography at Diagnosis and Before Maintenance Therapy in Symptomatic Patients With Multiple Myeloma Included in the IFM / DFCI 200Moreau, Philippe; Attal, Michel; Caillot, Denis; Macro, Margaret; Karlin, Lionel; Garderet, Laurent; Facon, Thierry; Benboubker, Lot; Escoffre-barbe, Martine; Stoppa, Anne-marie; Laribi, Kamel; Hulin, Cyrille; Perrot, Aurore; Eveillard, Jean-richard; Caillon, Florence; Bodet-milin, Caroline; Pegourie, Brigitte; Dorvaux, Veronique; Chaleteix, Carine; Anderson, Kenneth; Richardson, Paul; Munshi, Nikhil C; Avet-loiseau, Herve; Gaultier, Aurelie; Nguyen, Jean-michel; Dupas, Benoit; Frampas, Eric; Kraeber-bodere, Françoise