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2016 AJR Volume 206 Issue 1 January (26).pdf.jpg2016Current Status of Hybrid PET / MRI in Oncologic ImagingRosenkrantz, Andrew B; Friedman, Kent; Chandarana, Hersh; Melsaether, Amy; Moy, Linda; Ding, Yu-shin; Jhaveri, Komal; Beltran, Luis
2015 AJR Volume 205 Issue 2 August (25).pdf.jpg2015DWI for renal mass characterization: Systematic review and meta-analysis of diagnostic test performanceKang, Stella K.; Zhang, Angela; Pandharipande, Pari V.; Chandarana, Hersh; Braithwaite, R. Scott; Littenberg, Benjamin
2012medicine article ab (222).pdf.jpg2012The effect of liver iron deposition on hepatic apparent diffusion coefficient values in cirrhosis.Chandarana, Hersh; Do, Richard K G; Mussi, Thais C; Jensen, Jens H; Hajdu, Cristina H; Babb, James S; Taouli, Bachir
2015 AJR Volume 204 Issue 6 June (31).pdf.jpg2015High spatiotemporal resolution dynamic contrast-enhanced MR enterography in Crohn disease terminal ileitis using continuous golden-angle radial sampling, compressed sensing, and parallel imagingReam, Justin M.; Doshi, Ankur; Lala, Shailee V.; Kim, Sooah; Rusinek, Henry; Chandarana, Hersh
2012medicine article ab (105).pdf.jpg2012Intraobserver and Interobserver Variability of Renal Volume Measurements in Polycystic Kidney Disease Using a Semiautomated MR Segmentation AlgorithmCohen, Benjamin a.; Barash, Irina; Kim, Danny C.; Sanger, Matthew D.; Babb, James S.; Chandarana, Hersh
2015 AJR Volume 204 Issue 4 April (30).pdf.jpg2015MRI features of renal cell carcinoma that predict favorable clinicopathologic outcomesDoshi, Ankur M.; Huang, William C.; Donin, Nicholas M.; Chandarana, Hersh
2015 AJR Volume 204 Issue 4 April (28).pdf.jpg2015PET/MRI for the evaluation of patients with lymphoma: initial observationsHeacock, Laura; Weissbrot, Joseph; Raad, Roy; Campbell, Naomi; Friedman, Kent P.; Ponzo, Fabio; Chandarana, Hersh
2016 AJR Volume 206 Issue 3 March (19).pdf.jpg2016Use of MRI in Differentiation of Papillary Renal Cell Carcinoma Subtypes: Qualitative and Quantitative AnalysisRenal, Papillary; Carcinoma, Cell; Ream, Justin M; Kierans, Andrea S; Bilbily, Matthew; Rusinek, Henry; Huang, William C; Chandarana, Hersh; Am, Doshi; Jm, Ream; As, Kierans