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2018 Laryngoscope Volume 128 Issue 3  March  (9).pdf.jpg2018Effect of psychosocial distress on outcome for head and neck cancer patients undergoing radiationChen, Allen M.; Hsu, Sophia; Felix, Care; Garst, Jordan; Yoshizaki, Taeko
2018 Laryngoscopes Volume 128 Issue 10 October (25).pdf.jpg2018FDG-PET metabolic tumor parameters for the reirradiation of recurrent head and neck cancerVelez, Maria a.; Veruttipong, Darlene; Wang, Pin Chieh; Abemayor, Elliot; St. John, Maie; Tennapel, Mindi; Chen, Allen M.
2014 LARYN Volume 124 Issue 8 Auust (6).pdf.jpg2014Functional and quality-of-life outcomes after reirradiation for head and neck cancerChen, Allen M.; Vazquez, Esther; Michaud, Anthony L.; Farwell, D. Gregory; Purdy, James A.
2018 IJROBP Volume 100 Issue 3 March (20).pdf.jpg2018Functional Outcomes After De-escalated Chemoradiation Therapy for Human Papillomavirus-Positive Oropharyngeal Cancer: Secondary Analysis of a Phase 2 TrialHegde, John V.; Shaverdian, Narek; Felix, Carol; Wang, Pin Chieh; Veruttipong, Darlene; Hsu, Sophia; Riess, Jonathan W.; Rao, Shyam D.; Daly, Megan E.; Chen, Allen M.
2015 Laryn Volume 125 Issue 3 March (55).pdf.jpg2015Level IB nodal involvement in oropharyngeal carcinoma: Implications for submandibular gland-sparing intensity-modulated radiotherapyYu, Yao; Daly, Megan E.; Farwell, D. Gregory; Luu, Quang; Gandour-Edwards, Regina; Donald, Paul J.; Chen, Allen M.
2014 LARYN Volume 124 Issue 4 April (27).pdf.jpg2014Observation versus neck dissection for positron-emission tomography-negative lymphadenopathy after chemoradiotherapyKhodayari, Behnood; Daly, Megan E.; Bobinski, Matthew; Farwell, D. Gregory; Shelton, David K.; Chen, Allen M.
2017 RO Volume 123 Issue 1 April (3).pdf.jpg2017Pattern of solid and hematopoietic second malignancy after local therapy for prostate cancerWang, Chenyang; King, Christopher R.; Kamrava, Mitchell; Iwamoto, Keisuke S.; Chen, Allen M.; Low, Daniel; Kupelian, Patrick a.; Steinberg, Michael L.
2017 IJROBP Volume 98 Issue 1 May (20).pdf.jpg2017Tolerance of the Brachial Plexus to High Dose ReirradiationChen, Allen M.; Yoshizaki, Taeko; Velez, Maria a.; Mikaeilian, Argin G.; Hsu, Sophia; Cao, Minsong