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2019 JoAFC Volume 67 Issue 36 September (21).pdf.jpg201931 P NMR-Based Phospholipid Fingerprinting of Powdered Infant FormulaZhu, Dan; Hayman, Alan; Kebede, Biniam; Stewart, Ian; Chen, Gang; Frew, Russell
2014medicine article ab (19).PDF.jpg2014Assessing outcomes for cost-utility analysis in depression: comparison of five multi-attribute utility instruments with two depression-specific outcome measures.Mihalopoulos, Cathrine; Chen, Gang; Iezzi, Angelo; Khan, Munir a; Richardson, Jeffrey
2011medicine article d (2143).pdf.jpg2011Chiral Transformation : From Single Nanowire to Double HelixWang, Yong; Wang, Qingxiao; Sun, Hang; Zhang, Weiqing; Chen, Gang; Wang, Yawen; Shen, Xiaoshuang; Han, Yu; Lu, Xianmao; Chen, Hongyu
2015 JE Volume 41 Issue 7 July (24).pdf.jpg2015Comparison of the Odontogenic Differentiation Potential of Dental Follicle , Dental Papilla , and Cranial Neural Crest CellsChen, Gang; Sun, Qince; Xie, Li; Jiang, Zongting; Feng, Lian
2013medicine article a (650).pdf.jpg2013Design of Substituted Imidazolidinylpiperidinylbenzoic Acids as Chemokine Receptor 5 Antagonists: Potent Inhibitors of R5 HIV ‑ 1 ReplicationSkerlj, Renato; Bridger, Gary; Zhou, Yuanxi; Bourque, Elyse; Mceachern, Ernest; Metz, Markus; Harwig, Curtis; Li, Tong-shuang; Yang, Wen; Bogucki, David; Zhu, Yongbao; Langille, Jonathan; Veale, Duane; Ba, Tuya; Bey, Michael; Baird, Ian; Kaller, Alan; Krumpak, Maria; Leitch, David; Satori, Michael; Vocadlo, Krystyna; Guay, Danielle; Nan, Susan; Yee, Helen; Crawford, Jason; Chen, Gang; Wilson, Trevor; Carpenter, Bryon; Gauthier, David; Macfarland, Ron; Mosi, Renee; Bodart, Veronique; Wong, Rebecca; Fricker, Simon; Schols, Dominique
2017 JMchemistry Volume 60 Issue 16 August (1).pdf.jpg2017Design, Synthesis, and Pharmacokinetics of a Bone Targeting Dual Action Prodrug for the Treatment of OsteoporosisXie, Haibo; Chen, Gang; Young, Robert N
2018 JOMS Volume 76 Issue 7 July (11).pdf.jpg2018Digital Diagnosis and Treatment Program for Maxillofacial Fractures : A Retrospective Analysis of 626 CasesZeng, Wei; Lian, Xiaotian; Chen, Gang; Ju, Rui
2015 JN Volume 123 Issue 4 October (12).pdf.jpg2015Dimethylfumarate alleviates early brain injury and secondary cognitive deficits after experimental subarachnoid hemorrhage via activation of Keap1-Nrf2-ARE systemLiu, Yizhi; Qiu, Jiaoxue; Wang, Zhong; You, Wanchun; Wu, Lingyun; Ji, Chengyuan; Chen, Gang
2012medicine article ac (477).pdf.jpg2012Discrimination of gastric cancer from normal by serum RNA based on surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) and multivariate analysisChen, Yanping; Chen, Gang; Zheng, Xiongwei; He, Cheng; Feng, Shangyuan; Chen, Yan; Lin, Xiaoqian; Chen, Rong; Zeng, Haisan
2014medicine article i (92).pdf.jpg2014Formulation and characterization of Brucea javanica oil microemulsion for improving safety.Yang, Fan; Yu, Xiao Hong; Qiao, Fei; Cheng, Li Hui; Chen, Gang; Long, Xiaoying; Wang, Xin Ran; Li, Xiao Li; Liang, Run Cheng; Chen, Yan Zhong
2018 JACC Volume 72 Supplement 2 October (524).pdf.jpg2018GW29-e1258 The Associations between Multiple Circulating Biomarkers and the Occurrence of Atrial Fibrillation in Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy with or without Left Ventricular Outflow Tract ObstructionLiu, Limin; Wu, Lingmin; Zheng, Lihui; Ding, Ligang; Chen, Gang; Fan, Xiaohan; Yao, Yan
2018 JACC Volume 72 Supplement 2 October  (659).pdf.jpg2018GW29-e1597 Hight-Density Mapping Guides Accurate Ablation of Typical Atrial Flutter and its Long-Term OutcomeLin, Jinxuan; Feng, Tianjie; Suo, Ni; Ding, Ligang; Chen, Gang; Zheng, Lihui; Yao, Yan; Zhang, Shu; Niu, Guodong
2018 JACC Volume 72 Supplement 2 October (659).pdf.jpg2018GW29-e1597 Hight-Density Mapping Guides Accurate Ablation of Typical Atrial Flutter and its Long-Term OutcomeLin, Jinxuan; Feng, Tianjie; Suo, Ni; Ding, Ligang; Chen, Gang; Zheng, Lihui; Yao, Yan; Zhang, Shu; Niu, Guodong
2012medicine article c (1551).pdf.jpg2012Heavy Doping and Band Engineering by Potassium to Improve the Thermoelectric Figure of Merit in p-Type PbTe, PbSe, and PbTe 1 −Zhang, Qian; Cao, Feng; Liu, Weishu; Lukas, Kevin; Yu, Bo; Chen, Shuo; Opeil, Cyril; Broido, David; Chen, Gang; Ren, Zhifeng
2019 ACBE Volume 256 November (2).pdf.jpg2019High-efficiency Fe-Mediated Bi2MoO6 nitrogen-fixing photocatalyst: Reduced surface work function and ameliorated surface reactionMeng, Qingqiang; Lv, Chade; Sun, Jingxue; Hong, Weizhao; Xing, Weinan; Qiang, Liangsheng; Chen, Gang; Jin, Xiaoli
2018 JMC Volume 61 Issue 16 August (6).pdf.jpg2018Identification of the 4-Position of 3-Alkynyl and 3-Heteroaromatic Substituted Pyridine Methanamines as a Key Modification Site Eliciting Increased Potency and Enhanced Selectivity for Cytochrome P-450 2A6 InhibitionDenton, Travis T; Srivastava, Pramod; Xia, Zuping; Chen, Gang; Watson, Christy J W; Wynd, Alec; Lazarus, Philip
2017 WATER Volume 89 Issue 11 November (10).pdf.jpg2017Landfill Leachate Treatment by Electrocoagulation and Fiber FiltrationLi, Runwei; Wang, Boya; Owete, Owete; Dertien, Joe; Lin, Chen; Ahmad, Hafiz; Chen, Gang
2012medicine article a (441).pdf.jpg2012Life Beyond Kinases : Structure-Based Discovery of Sorafenib as Nanomolar Antagonist of 5-HT ReceptorsLin, Xingyu; Huang, Xi-ping; Chen, Gang; Whaley, Ryan; Peng, Shiming; Wang, Yanli; Zhang, Guoliang; Wang, Simon X; Wang, Shaohui; Roth, Bryan L; Huang, Niu
2017 JSR Volume 212 May (6).pdf.jpg2017Local application of paeonol prevents early restenosis: a study with a rabbit vein graft modelZhang, Jue-yu; Lei, Luo; Shang, Jun; Huo, Tian-ming; Zhang, Bo; Chen, Gang; Zeng, Zhi-yu; Li, Shi-kang
2019 ACBE Volume 244 May (30).pdf.jpg2019Metal-organic framework derived Ni/NiO micro-particles with subtle lattice distortions for high-performance electrocatalyst and supercapacitorJiao, Yang; Hong, Weizhao; Li, Peiying; Wang, Lixin; Chen, Gang