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2014medicine article ai (90).pdf.jpg20141-Year Clinical Outcomes of Diabetic Patients Treated With Everolimus-Eluting Bioresorbable Vascular ScaffoldsMuramatsu, Takashi; Geuns, Robert-jan Van; Chevalier, Bernard; Cheong, Wai-fung; Bartorelli, Antonio; Serruys, Patrick W; Delhi, New; Clara, Santa
2016 BJH Volume 172 Issue 6 March (24).pdf.jpg2016Alterations in acute myeloid leukaemia bone marrow stromal cell exosome content coincide with gains in tyrosine kinase inhibitor resistanceClara, Santa
2016 JACC Volume 9 Issue 5 March (24).pdf.jpg2016Bill D. Gogas, MD, PGogas, Bill D; Yang, Boyi; Piccinelli, Marina; Giddens, Don P; Kereiakes, Dean J; Ellis, Stephen G; Stone, Gregg W; Veneziani, Alessandro; Samady, Habib; Clara, Santa; Wall, Dimensional; Stress, Shear
2018 BJH Volume 181 Issue 4 May (6).pdf.jpg2018Bone marrow fibrosis at diagnosis is associated with TP53 overexpression and adverse prognosis in low-risk myelodysplastic syndromeClara, Santa
2018 BJH Volume 181 Issue 6 June (4).pdf.jpg2018Compositional analysis gives insight into leukaemia cell lines expression profiles compared to those within patientClara, Santa
2018 BJH Volume 180 Issue 3 February (8).pdf.jpg2018Granulocyte whole exome sequencing and endothelial JAK2V617F in patients with JAK2V617F positive Budd-Chiari Syndrome without myeloproliferative neoplasmPaulo, Sao; Diego, San; Clara, Santa
2015 JACC Volume 8 Issue 14 December (10).pdf.jpg2015Inside This IssueClara, Santa
2013medicine article ar (449).pdf.jpg2013Inside This IssueClara, Santa
2015 JACC Volume 8 Issue 5 April (11).pdf.jpg2015Kentaro Ejiri, MD,* Aiko Ogawa, MD, PEjiri, Kentaro; Ogawa, Aiko; Medix, Kaneka; Clara, Santa; Matsubara, Hiromi
2016 BJH Volume 173 Issue 2 April (22).pdf.jpg2016Long non-coding RNAs : biomarkers for acute leukaemia sub- typesClara, Santa
2018 BJH Volume 182 Issue 4 August (4).pdf.jpg2018Mutual regulation between BCL6 and a specific set of miRNAs controls T FH phenotype in peripheral T-cell lymphomaClara, Santa
2016 BJH Volume 172 Issue 2 January (15).pdf.jpg2016A rare but recurrent t ( 8 ; 13 )( q24 ; q14 ) translocation in B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukaemia causing MYC up-regulation and concomitant loss of PVT1 , miR-15 / 16 and DLEU7Clara, Santa
2016 BJD Volume 174 Issue 6 June (9).pdf.jpg2016Research letterClara, Santa; Morrisville, St
2017 BJdermatology Volume 177 Issue 2 August (58).pdf.jpg2017Research letterDenver, Colorado; Clara, Santa; Diego, San