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2016 AJP Volume 173 Issue 2 February (12).pdf.jpg2016Comparative Effectiveness of Clozapine and Standard Antipsychotic Treatment in Adults With SchizophreniaStroup, T Scott; Gerhard, Tobias; Crystal, Stephen; Huang, Cecilia; Olfson, Mark
2017 AJP Volume 174 Issue 12 December (12).pdf.jpg2017Disability Enrollment in a Community-Based Coordinated Specialty Care ProgramOlfson, Mark; Crystal, Stephen; Gerhard, Tobias
2018 DAD Volume 191 October (14).pdf.jpg2018Duration of opioid prescriptions predicts incident nonmedical use of prescription opioids among U . S . veterans receiving medical careBarry, Declan T; Marshall, Brandon D L; Becker, William C; Gordon, Adam J; Crystal, Stephen; Kerns, Robert D; Gaither, Julie R; Gordon, Kirsha S; Justice, Amy C; Fiellin, David A; Edelman, E Jennifer
2015 BJP Volume 207 Issue 1 February (8).pdf.jpg2015Lithium treatment and risk for dementia in adults with bipolar disorder : population-based cohort study * {Gerhard, Tobias; Devanand, D P; Huang, Cecilia; Crystal, Stephen; Olfson, Mark
2016 CID Volume 62 Issue 2 January (32).pdf.jpg2016Quality of HIV Care and Mortality Rates in HIV-Infected PatientsKorthuis, Philip Todd; Mcginnis, Kathleen A; Kraemer, Kevin L; Gordon, Adam J; Skanderson, Melissa; Justice, Amy C; Crystal, Stephen; Goetz, Matthew Bidwell; Gibert, Cynthia L; Rimland, David; Fiellin, Lynn E; Gaither, Julie R; Wang, Karen; Asch, Steven M; Mcinnes, Don
2018 DAD Volume 192 November (6).pdf.jpg2018Racial disparities in discontinuation of long-term opioid therapy following illicit drug use among black and white patientsGaither, Julie R.; Gordon, Kirsha; Crystal, Stephen; Edelman, E. Jennifer; Kerns, Robert D.; Justice, Amy C.; Fiellin, David a.; Becker, William C.
2018 DAD Volume 190 September (32).pdf.jpg2018Risks of fatal opioid overdose during the fi rst year following nonfatal overdoseOlfson, Mark; Wall, Melanie; Wang, Shuai; Crystal, Stephen; Blanco, Carlos
2018 AJP Volume 175 Issue 6 June (6).pdf.jpg2018Service Use Preceding Opioid-Related FatalityOlfson, Mark; Wall, Melanie; Wang, Shuai; Crystal, Stephen; Blanco, Carlos
2018 Pediatrics Volume 141 Issue 4 April (35).pdf.jpg2018Suicide After Deliberate Self-Harm in Adolescents and Young AdultsOlfson, Mark; Wall, Melanie; Wang, Shuai; Crystal, Stephen; Bridge, Jeffrey a.; Liu, Shang-Min; Blanco, Carlos
2017 AJP Volume 174 Issue 8 August (14).pdf.jpg2017Suicide Following Deliberate Self HarmOlfson, Mark; Wall, Melanie; Wang, Shuai; Crystal, Stephen; Gerhard, Tobias
2012medicine article r (727).pdf.jpg2012Treatment of Maladaptive Aggression in Youth : CERT Guidelines I . Engagement , Assessment , and Management abstractKnapp, Penelope; Chait, Alanna; Pappadopulos, Elizabeth; Crystal, Stephen; Peter, S