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2011medicine article o (119).pdf.jpg2011Acknowledgment of Associate and Guest Associate Editors and Referees for Volume 37 Associate and Guest Associate Editors Associate Editors are appointed by the President of the AAPM with the approval of the AAPM Board on the recommendation List of AssociaGuest, Fadi Abboud; Guest, Parham Alaei; Guest, Markus Alber; Guest, Ali Alghamdi; Guest, Mark A Anastasio; Guest, Claus E Andersen; Guest, Vladimir A Anferov; Guest, Louis Archambault; Guest, Dolores Arginelli; Armato, Samuel G; Guest, Bulent Aydogan; Guest, Aldo Badano; Derek, Ramsey; Guest, Badawi; Jean, Claude; Guest, Bailat; Guest, Donovan M Bakalyar; Guest, Predrag R Bakic; Guest, Facundo Ballester; Guest, James M Balter; Guest, Peter A Balter; Guest, James A Bankson; Guest, Manuel Bardies; Guest, Niels Bassler; Guest, Sam Beddar; Guest, Richard H Behrman; Guest, Arjan Bel; Guest, Christoph Bert; Edward, David; Guest, Bonnett; Guest, J Daniel Bourland; Guest, Edward D Brandner; Brock, Kristy K; Guest, Geoff Budgell; Guest, Irene Buvat; Guest, Daliang Cao; Guest, Martin Caon; Guest, Alejandro Carabe-fernandez; Guest, Julio Carballido-gamio; Guest, Paul L Carson; Cavedon, Carlo; Guest, Felipe Chen; Chen, Guang-hong; Guest, Hao Chen; Guest, Roberto Cirio; Guest, Geoffrey D Clarke; Guest, Dean M Connor; Guest, Catherine Coolens; Guest, Jason Corso; Guest, Tim Craig; Guest, Florian Cremers; Guest, Bruce Curran; Guest, Joanna E Cygler; Eduardo, Carlos; Guest, Joseph O Deasy; Guest, Maria Drangova; Guest, Gareth Eaton; El, Georges; Guest, Fakhri; Guest, William Erwin; Guest, Bruce A Faddegon; Guest, Troy Farncombe; Farr, Jonathan B; David, John; Guest, Fenwick; Guest, Christian Fiandra; Guest, Thomas G Flohr; Thomas, Ryan; Guest, Flynn; Guest, David S Followill; Fowlkes, Jeffrey Brian; Guest, Andrew Godley; Guest, Steven Goetsch; Guest, Michael Grass; Guest, Stuart Green; David, William; Guest, Gregory; Guest, David H Gultekin; Guest, Thomas N Hangartner; Guest, Emily Heath; Guest, R Edward Hendrick; Guest, Walter Huda; Guest, M Saiful Huq; Guest, Edmond Sterpin; Stevenson, Andrew Wesley
2014medicine article z (473).pdf.jpg2014Evidence-based guideline summary: Diagnosis and treatment of limb-girdle and distal dystrophiesNarayanaswami, Pushpa; Weiss, Michael; Selcen, Duygu; David, William; Raynor, Elizabeth; Carter, Gregory; Wicklund, Matthew; Barohn, Richard J; Ensrud, Erik; Griggs, Robert C; Gronseth, Gary; Amato, Anthony a
2015 NEUOROLOY Volume 85 Issue 10 September (6).pdf.jpg2015Muscular dystrophy quality measuresWang, David; David, William; Mellion, Michelle
2016 NEUR Volume 87 Issue 1 July (13).pdf.jpg2016A randomized controlled trial of methotrexate for patients with generalized myasthenia gravisPasnoor, Mamatha; He, Jianghua; Herbelin, Laura; Burns, Ted M; Nations, Sharon; Bril, Vera; Wang, Annabel K; Kissel, John T; Jackson, Carlayne; Swenson, Andrea; Howard, James F; David, William; Wicklund, Matthew; Pulley, Michael; Becker, Mara; Pazcuzzi, Robert; Rosenfeld
2018 Neurology Volume 90 Issue 7 February  (22).pdf.jpg2018Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of arimoclomol in rapidly progressive SOD1 ALSBenatar, Michael; Wuu, Joanne; Andersen, Peter M.; Atassi, Nazem; David, William; Cudkowicz, Merit; Schoenfeld, David