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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2016 JN Volume 124 Issue 1 January (10).pdf.jpg2016Acute progression of untreated incidental WHO Grade II glioma to glioblastoma in an asymptomatic patientDuffau, Hugues
2014medicine article u (20).pdf.jpg2014Awake mapping for low-grade gliomas involving the left sagittal stratum: anatomofunctional and surgical considerations.Chan-Seng, Emilie; Moritz-Gasser, Sylvie; Duffau, Hugues
9783709107225.pdf.jpg2011Brain mappingDuffau, Hugues
2014medicine article u (42).pdf.jpg2014Delayed leptomeningeal and subependymal seeding after multiple surgeries for supratentorial diffuse low-grade gliomas in adults.Alvarez de Eulate-Beramendi, Sayoa; Rigau, Valérie; Taillandier, Luc; Duffau, Hugues
9781447122128.pdf.jpg2013Diffuse low-grade gliomas in adultsDuffau, Hugues
2015 JN Volume 123 Issue 6 December (12).pdf.jpg2015Disrupting the right pars opercularis with electrical stimulation frees the song: case reportMoritz-gasser, Sylvie; Bonnetblanc, François; Duffau, Hugues
2018 Neurology Volume 90 Issue 12 March  (13).pdf.jpg2018Electrical stimulation of the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex impairs semantic cognitionHerbet, Guillaume; Moritz-Gasser, Sylvie; Duffau, Hugues
2012medicine article ag (128).pdf.jpg2012Intraoperative subcortical electrical mapping of optic radiations in awake surgery for glioma involving visual pathwaysGras-Combe, Guillaume; Moritz-Gasser, Sylvie; Herbet, Guillaume; Duffau, Hugues
2017 JN Volume 126 Issue 4 April (27).pdf.jpg2017Recovery of functional connectivity of the sensorimotor network after surgery for diffuse low grade gliomas involving the supplementary motor areaVassal, Matthieu; Charroud, Céline; Deverdun, Jérémy; Le Bars, Emmanuelle; Molino, François; Bonnetblanc, Francois; Boyer, Anthony; Dutta, Anirban; Herbet, Guillaume; Moritz-Gasser, Sylvie; Bonafé, Alain; Duffau, Hugues; de Champfleur, Nicolas Menjot
2015 NEUOROLOY Volume 84 Issue 14 April (2).pdf.jpg2015The role of cerebral disconnection in cognitive recovery after brain damageHerbet, Guillaume; Latorre, Julius G.; Duffau, Hugues
2013medicine article w (302).pdf.jpg2013Spontaneous and therapeutic prognostic factors in adult hemispheric World Health Organization Grade II gliomas: a series of 1097 cases: clinical article.Capelle, Laurent; Fontaine, Denys; Mandonnet, Emmanuel; Taillandier, Luc; Golmard, Jean Louis; Bauchet, Luc; Pallud, Johan; Peruzzi, Philippe; Baron, Marie Hélène; Kujas, Michèle; Guyotat, Jacques; Guillevin, Remi; Frenay, Marc; Taillibert, Sophie; Colin, Philippe; Rigau, Valérie; Vandenbos, Fanny; Pinelli, Catherine; Duffau, Hugues
2013medicine article w (98).pdf.jpg2013Surgery for low-grade glioma infiltrating the central cerebral region: location as a predictive factor for neurological deficit, epileptological outcome, and quality of life.Schucht, Philippe; Ghareeb, Fadi; Duffau, Hugues