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2012medicine article a (560).pdf.jpg2012Crystal Structure of Human Aurora B in Complex with INCENP and VX-680Elkins, Jonathan M; Santaguida, Stefano; Musacchio, Andrea; Knapp, Stefan
2011medicine article a (519).pdf.jpg2011Crystal Structures of ABL-Related Gene ( ABL2 ) in Complex with Imatinib , Tozasertib ( VX-680 ), and a Type I Inhibitor of the Triazole Carbothioamide Class †Salah, Eidarus; Ugochukwu, Emilie; Barr, Alastair J; Delft, Frank Von; Knapp, Stefan; Elkins, Jonathan M
2012medicine article a (683).pdf.jpg2012Selectivity, Cocrystal Structures, and Neuroprotective Properties of Leucettines, a Family of Protein Kinase Inhibitors Derived from the Marine Sponge Alkaloid Leucettamine BTahtouh, Tania; Elkins, Jonathan M; Filippakopoulos, Panagis; Soundararajan, Meera; Burgy, Guillaume; Durieu, Emilie; Cochet, Claude; Schmid, Ralf S; Lo, Donald C; Delhommel, Florent; Oberholzer, Anselm E; Pearl, Laurence H
2019 JournalofMedicalChemistry Volume 62 Issue 5 March (2).pdf.jpg2019SGC-GAK-1: A Chemical Probe for Cyclin G Associated Kinase (GAK)Asquith, Christopher R M; Berger, Benedict-tilman; Wan, Jing; Bennett, James M; Capuzzi, Stephen J; Crona, Daniel J; Drewry, David H; East, Michael P; Elkins, Jonathan M; Fedorov, Oleg; Godoi, Paulo H; Hunter, Debra M; Knapp, Stefan; Mu, Susanne; Torrice, Chad D; Wells,
2013medicine article a (360).pdf.jpg2013X ‑ ray Crystal Structure of ERK5 (MAPK7) in Complex with a Speci fi c InhibitorElkins, Jonathan M; Wang, Jing; Deng, Xianming; Pattison, Michael J; Arthur, J Simon C; Erazo, Tatiana; Gomez, Nestor; Lizcano, Jose M; Gray, Nathanael S; Knapp, Stefan