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2017 JCO Volume 35 Issue 3 January (13).pdf.jpg2017Activating NOTCH1 Mutations De fi ne a Distinct Subgroup of PatientsFerrarotto, Renata; Mitani, Yoshitsugu; Diao, Lixia; Guijarro, Irene; Wang, Jing; Zweidler-mckay, Patrick; Bell, Diana; Jr, William N William; Glisson, Bonnie S; Wick, Michael J; Kapoun, Ann M; Patnaik, Amita; Eckhardt, Gail; Munster, Pamela; Faoro, Leonardo; Dupont, Ja
2017 RadiotherapyOncology Volume 124 Issue 2 August (13).pdf.jpg2017Dose volume correlates of mandibular osteoradionecrosis in Oropharynx cancer patients receiving intensity modulated radiotherapyMohamed, Abdallah S R; Hobbs, Brian P; Hutcheson, Katherine A; Murri, Michael S; Garg, Naveen; Song, Juhee; Gunn, G Brandon; Sandulache, Vlad; Beadle, Beth M; Phan, Jack; Morrison, William H; Frank, Steven J; Blanchard, Pierre; Garden, Adam S; El-halawani, Hesham; Kamal, Mona; Chambers, Mark S; Lewin, Jan S; Ferrarotto, Renata; Zhu, X Ronald; Zhang, Xiaodong; Hofstede, Theresa M; Cardoso, Richard C; Gillenwater, Ann M; Sturgis, Erich M; Weber, Randal S; Rosenthal, David I; Fuller, Clifton D; Lai, Stephen Y
2018 LARYNGOSCOPES Volume 128 Issue 6 June (32).pdf.jpg2018Early Stage Olfactory Neuroblastoma and the Impact of Resecting Dura and Olfactory BulbMays, Ashley C; Bell, Diana; Ferrarotto, Renata; Phan, Jack; Roberts, Dianna; Fuller, Clifton D; Frank, Steven J; Raza, Shaan M; Kupferman, Michael E; Demonte, Franco; Hanna, Ehab Y; Su, Shirley Y
2018 Cancer Volume 124 Issue 18 September (17).pdf.jpg2018Frequent PTEN loss and differential HER2/PI3K signaling pathway alterations in salivary duct carcinoma: Implications for targeted therapySaintigny, Pierre; Mitani, Yoshitsugu; Pytynia, Kristen B.; Ferrarotto, Renata; Roberts, Dianna B.; Weber, Randal S.; Kies, Merrill S.; Maity, Sankar N.; Lin, Sue-Hwa; El-Naggar, Adel K.
2017 JAAD Volume 77 Issue 6 December (41).pdf.jpg2017Gefitinib for patients with incurable cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma: A single-arm phase II clinical trialJr, William N William; Ms, Lei Feng; Ferrarotto, Renata; Ginsberg, Lawrence; Kies, Merrill; Lippman, Scott; Glisson, Bonnie; Kim, Edward S
2018 Cancer Volume 124 Issue 7 April (9).pdf.jpg2018Outcomes of patients diagnosed with carcinoma metastatic to the neck from an unknown primary source and treated with intensity-modulated radiation therapyKamal, Mona; Mohamed, Abdallah S. R.; Fuller, Clifton David; Sturgis, Erich M.; Johnson, Faye M.; Morrison, William H.; Gunn, G. Brandon; Hutcheson, Katherine a.; Phan, Jack; Volpe, Stefania; Ng, Sweet Ping; Ferrarotto, Renata; Frank, Steven J.; Skinner, Heath D.; Rose
2018 RO Volume 128 Issue 3 September (24).pdf.jpg2018Radiotherapy dose–volume parameters predict videofluoroscopy-detected dysphagia per DIGEST after IMRT for oropharyngeal cancer: Results of a prospective registryKamal, Mona; Mohamed, Abdallah S.R.; Volpe, Stefania; Zaveri, Jhankruti; Barrow, Martha Portwood; Gunn, G. Brandon; Lai, Stephen Y.; Ferrarotto, Renata; Lewin, Jan S.; Rosenthal, David I.; Jethanandani, Amit; Meheissen, Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed; Mulder, Samuel L.; Carden