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2016 AJSP Volume 40 Issue 8 August (10).pdf.jpg2016Anastomosing Hemangiomas Arising in Unusual Locations A Clinicopathologic Study of 17 Soft Tissue Cases Showing a Predilection for the Paraspinal RegionJohn, Ivy; Folpe, Andrew L
2015 AJSP Volume 39 Issue 11 November (16).pdf.jpg2015Extensively Myxoid and Hyalinized Sinonasal Capillary Hemangiomas A Clinicopathologic Study of 16 Cases of a Distinctive andGuo, Ruifeng; Folpe, Andrew L
2014medicine article h (151).PDF.jpg2014Malignant Melanotic Schwannian TumorClinicopathologic, A; Torres-mora, Jorge; Dry, Sarah; Li, Xinmin; Binder, Scott; Amin, Mitual; Folpe, Andrew L
2018 AJSP Volume 42 Issue 6 June (8).pdf.jpg2018Mediastinal Synovial Sarcoma Clinicopathologic Analysis of 21 Cases With Molecular ConfirmationTerra, Simone B S P; Aesif, Scott W; Maleszewski, Joseph J; Folpe, Andrew L; Boland, Jennifer M
2014medicine article h (159).pdf.jpg2014Myofibromas With Atypical Features : Expanding the Morphologic Spectrum of a Benign EntityLinos, Konstantinos; Carter, Jodi M; Gardner, Jerad M; Folpe, Andrew L; Weiss, Sharon W; Edgar, Mark A
2015 AJSP Volume 39 Issue 1 January (8).pdf.jpg2015O RIGINAL A RTICLE A Novel Chromogenic In Situ Hybridization Assay forTumors, Mesenchymal; Carter, Jodi M; Caron, Bolette L; Dogan, Ahmet; Folpe, Andrew L
2017 AJSP Volume 41 Issue 11 November (11).pdf.jpg2017O RIGINAL A RTICLE BRAF V600E Mutations Occur in a Subset of Glomus CharacteristicsAssociated, Are; Malignant, With; Dashti, Nooshin Karamzadeh; Bahrami, Armita; Lee, Seung J; Jenkins, Sarah M; Rodriguez, Fausto J; Folpe, Andrew L; Boland, Jennifer M
2016 AJSP Volume 40 Issue 11 November (11).pdf.jpg2016Renal Leiomyoma and Leiomyosarcoma A Study of 57 CasesGupta, Sounak; Jimenez, Rafael E; Folpe, Andrew L; Cheville, John C
2015 AJSP Volume 39 Issue 6 June (14).pdf.jpg2015SMARCB1-deficient Vulvar NeoplasmsClinicopathologic, A; Folpe, Andrew L; Schoolmeester, J Kenneth; Mccluggage, W Glenn; Sullivan, Lisa M; Castagna, Katharine; Ahrens, William A; Oliva, Esther; Biegel, Jaclyn A; Nielsen, G Petur
2016 AJCP Volume 146 Issue 4 October (11).pdf.jpg2016Spindle Cell Lipomas Arising at Atypical LocationsDin, Nasir Ud; Zhang, Pingchuan; Sukov, William R; Sattler, Christopher A; Jenkins, Sarah M; Doyle, Leona A; Folpe, Andrew L; Fritchie, Karen J; Sam, C M E
2014medicine article h (223).PDF.jpg2014Synovial Sarcoma of the KidneyClinicopathologic, A; Schoolmeester, John Kenneth; Cheville, John C; Folpe, Andrew L
2014medicine article h (229).pdf.jpg2014TGFBR3 and MGEA5 Rearrangements in Pleomorphic Hyalinizing Angiectatic Tumors and the Spectrum of Related NeoplasmsCarter, Jodi M; Sukov, William R; Montgomery, Elizabeth; Goldblum, John R; Billings, Steven D; Fritchie, Karen J; Folpe, Andrew L