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2012medicine article bc (28).pdf.jpg2012Anatomic Repair of Recurrent Aortic Arch ObstructionMery, Carlos M; Fraser, Charles D
2014medicine article ac (1).pdf.jpg2014Anomalous aortic origin of a coronary artery: toward a standardized approach.Mery, Carlos M; Lawrence, Silvana M; Krishnamurthy, Rajesh; Sexson-Tejtel, S Kristen; Carberry, Kathleen E; McKenzie, E Dean; Fraser, Charles D
2016 ATS Volume 101 Issue 3 March (60).pdf.jpg2016Complex Surgical Repair of a Flail Tricuspid Valve After Chest Wall Trauma in a Pediatric PatientMclaughlin, Ericka Scheller; Mott, Antonio R; Adachi, Iki; Fraser, Charles D
2012medicine article y (147).pdf.jpg2012Congenital heart surgery in infants : Effects of acute kidney injury on outcomes ¼ Acute Kidney Injury NetworkBlinder, Joshua J; Goldstein, Stuart L; Lee, Vei-vei; Baycroft, Alixandra; Fraser, Charles D; Nelson, David; Jefferies, John L
2013medicine article l (185).pdf.jpg2013Contemporary experience with surgical treatment of aortic valve disease in children.Khan, Muhammad S; Samayoa, Andres X; Chen, Diane W; Petit, Christopher J; Fraser, Charles D
2017 STCSPCSA Volume 20 Issue 1 January (9).pdf.jpg2017Current Status of Pediatric Ventricular Assist Device Support Adult Devices in Children : What ’ s In fl ow cannulaAdachi, Iki; Burki, Sarah; Fraser, Charles D
2016 ATS Volume 102 Issue 3 September (28).pdf.jpg2016Descending Aortic Translocation for Relief of Distal Tracheal and Proximal Bronchial CompressionMckenzie, E Dean; Roeser, Mark E; Thompson, Jess L; Adachi, Iki; Heinle, Jeffrey S; Mery, Carlos M; Fraser, Charles D
2016 ATS Volume 102 Issue 4 Octomber (45).pdf.jpg2016Duration of Left Ventricular Assist Device Heart TransplantationGrimm, Joshua C; Magruder, J Trent; Crawford, Todd C; Fraser, Charles D; Plum, William G; Sciortino, Christopher M; Higgins, Robert S; Whitman, Glenn J R; Shah, Ashish S
2017 ATS Volume 104 Issue 5 November (32).pdf.jpg2017Effect of Gastrointestinal Malformations on the Outcomes of Patients With Congenital Heart DiseaseMery, Carlos M; Le, Luis E De; Nieto, R Michael; Zhang, Wei; Adachi, Iki; Heinle, Jeffrey S; Kane, Lauren C; Mckenzie, E Dean; Fraser, Charles D
2018 ATS Volume 105 Issue 1 January (2).pdf.jpg2018Guest Reviewers for The Annals of Thoracic SurgeryAbarbanell, Aaron M; Abraham, Ted; Adusumilli, Prasad S; Agzarian, John; Ahmad, Usman; Ahmed, Alsir A M; Al, Andrej; Allen, Keith B; Anderson, Brett R; Anderson, Robert H; Antunes, Manuel J; Arnaoutakis, George J; Ashra, Ahmad S; Backer, Carl L; Backhus, Leah M; Bagur, Rodrigo; Balestra, Rick; Balkhy, Husam H; Barnhart, Glenn R; Bartz, Raquel R; Battafarano, Richard J; Bauer, Thomas L; Beal, Eliza Wright; Bedard, Eric L R; Bermudez, Christian A; Bernhardt, Alexander M; Berry, Mark F; Bhamidipati, Castigliano M; Bibas, Benoit Jacques; Bil, Thomas V; Birdas, Thomas J; Blackstone, Eugene H; Block, Mark I; Bojar, Robert M; Bolman, R Morton; Borger, Michael A; Boyle, Edward M; Brewer, Robert J; Broderick, Stephen R; Brown, Jamie M; Brown, Jeremiah R; Brown, John W; Brown, Lisa M; Bryant, Roosevelt; Buckberg, Gerald D; Burch, Phillip T; Burfeind, William R; Burkhart, Harold; Burt, Bryan M; Cabrera, Antonio G; Caine, William T; Campelo-parada, Francisco; Canver, Charles C; Carrier, Michel; Carrott, Philip W; Chambers, David J; Chang, Andrew C; Charles, Eric J; Checchia, Paul A; Chen, Edward P; Chen, Jonathan M; Cheung, Anson; Chikwe, Joanna; Dan, Chun; Choi, Woo; Christie, Neil A; Chu, Michael W A; Cohen, Neri M; Cooke, David Tom; Cooper, David S; Cooper, Graham J; Cordoba-soriano, Juan; Crawford, Todd C; Crestanello, Juan A; Creswell, Lawrence Lee; Cunningham, Michael; Auria, Francesca D; David, Elizabeth A; Davies, Louise; Davies, Ryan; Davis, R Duane; Dawood, Murtaza Y; Deppen, Stephen; Derose, Joseph J; Edwards, Melanie; Evans, Charles Fox; Evans, Nathaniel Rutherford; Feller, Erika; Flores, Mona; Fraser, Charles D; Freed, Darren H; Furnary, Anthony P
2018 ATS Volume 106 Issue 4 October (29).pdf.jpg2018in Diabetic Patients : Friend or Foe ?Crawford, Todd C; Zhou, Xun; Fraser, Charles D; Magruder, J Trent; Suarez-pierre, Alejandro; Alejo, Diane; Bobbitt, Jennifer; Fonner, Clifford E; Wehberg, Kurt; Taylor, Brad; Kwon, Christopher; Fiocco, Michael; Conte, John V; Salenger, Rawn
2016 STCPCSA Volume 19 Issue 1 (15).pdf.jpg2016Larger Centers May Produce Better Outcomes : Is Regionalization in Congenital Heart Surgery a Superior Model ?Burki, Sarah; Fraser, Charles D
2016 ATS Volume 102 Issue 3 September (90).pdf.jpg2016The Neonatal Arterial Switch Operation : How I Teach ItFraser, Charles D
2017 CIRCULATION Volume 136 Issue 25 December (1).pdf.jpg2017Recognized Outstanding Reviewers forAlexander, Karen P; Angiolillo, Dominick J; Byrne, Robert A; Armellina, Erica Dall; Dweck, Marc R; Everett, Brendan M; Fang, James C; Fraser, Charles D; Giri, Jay S; Lindholm, Daniel; Lund, Lars H; Mazzanti, Andrea; Michos, Erin D; Rossi, Gian Paolo
2018 ATS Volume 105 Issue 6 June (41).pdf.jpg2018Risk Factors for Development and Progression of Scoliosis After Pediatric Cardiothoracic OperationsLe, Luis E De; Mery, Carlos M; Guzm, Francisco A; Zhang, Wei; Kuo, Frederick H; Carpenter, Kyle L; Stringer, Lisa D; Adachi, Iki; Heinle, Jeffrey S; Mckenzie, E Dean; Fraser, Charles D; Hanson, Darrell S
2017 ATS Volume 103 Issue 3 March (28).pdf.jpg2017The Role of Echocardiography and Intracardiac Exploration in the Evaluation of Candidacy for Biventricular Repair in Patients With Borderline Left HeartMery, Carlos M; Nieto, R Michael; Le, Luis E De; Morris, Shaine A; Zhang, Wei; Colquitt, John L; Adachi, Iki; Kane, Lauren C; Heinle, Jeffrey S; Mckenzie, E Dean; Fraser, Charles D
2016 ATS Volume 101 Issue 5 May (55).pdf.jpg2016Survival in Children With Down Syndrome Undergoing Single-Ventricle PalliationColquitt, John L; Morris, Shaine A; Den, Susan W; Fraser, Charles D; Wang, Yunfei; Kyle, W Buck
2013medicine article l (631).pdf.jpg2013Table of Contents Table of ContentsMalm, James R; Balsam, Leora B; Deanda, Abe; Fraser, Charles D
2018 ATS Volume 106 Issue 1 July (81).pdf.jpg2018Tricuspid Valve Detachment in Ventricular Septal Defect Closure Does Not Impact Valve FunctionFraser, Charles D; Zhou, Xun; Palepu, Sandeep; Lui, Cecillia; Suarez-pierre, Alejandro; Crawford, Todd C; Magruder, J Trent; Jacobs, Marshall L; Cameron, Duke E; Hibino, Narutoshi; Vricella, Luca A