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2018 JVE Issue 135 Mayl (77).pdf.jpg2018Antimicrobial Peptides Produced by Selective Pressure Incorporation of Non- canonical Amino AcidsNickling, Jessica H; Baumann, Tobias; Schmitt, Franz-josef; Bartholomae, Maike; Kuipers, Oscar P; Friedrich, Thomas; Budisa, Nediljko
2015 MP Volume 42 Issue 2 February (50).pdf.jpg2015Assessment of potential advantages of relevant ions for particle therapy : A model based studyGrün, Rebecca; Friedrich, Thomas; Krämer, Michael; Zink, Klemens; Durante, Marco; Engenhart-cabillic, Rita; Scholz, Michael
2016 IJROBP Volume 95 Issue 1 May (69).pdf.jpg2016Comparative Risk Predictions of Second Cancers After Carbon-Ion Therapy Versus Proton TherapyEley, John G; Friedrich, Thomas; Homann, Kenneth L; Howell, Rebecca M; Scholz, Michael; Durante, Marco; Newhauser, Wayne D
2018 JVE Issue 134 April (26).pdf.jpg2018Engineering ' Golden ' Fluorescence by Selective Pressure Incorporation of Non-canonical Amino Acids and Protein Analysis by Mass Spectrometry and FluorescenceBaumann, Tobias; Schmitt, Franz-josef; Pelzer, Almut; Spiering, Vivian Jeanette; Johannes, Georg; Sass, Freiherr Von; Friedrich, Thomas
2018 PMB Volume 63 Issue 4 February (6).pdf.jpg2018First heating measurements of endovascular stents in magnetic particle imagingWegner, Franz; Friedrich, Thomas; Panagiotopoulos, Nikolaos; Valmaa, Sarah; Goltz, Jan P.; Vogt, Florian M.; Koch, Martin a.; Buzug, Thorsten M.; Barkhausen, Joerg; Haegele, Julian
2016 RO Volume 118 Issue 3 March (16).pdf.jpg2016Impact of fractionation and number of fields on dose homogeneity for intra-fractionally moving lung tumors using scanned carbon ion treatmentWölfelschneider, Jens; Friedrich, Thomas; Lüchtenborg, Robert; Zink, Klemens; Scholz, Michael; Dong, Lei; Durante, Marco; Bert, Christoph
2017 PMB Volume 62 Issue 4 February (3).pdf.jpg2017NanOx , a new model to predict cell survival in the context of particle therapyDurante, Marco; Paganetti, Harald; Grün, Rebecca; Friedrich, Thomas; Krämer, Michael; Kundrát, Pavel