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2016 JCS Volume 11 (98).pdf.jpg2016Bilateral axillary artery cannulation for severely calcified aorta and branches : a case reportOkamoto, Ken; Fukui, Toshihiro
2018 EJCTS Volume 53 Issue 6 June (13).pdf.jpg2018Causes of repair failure for degenerative mitral valve disease and reoperation outcomesNishida, Hidefumi; Fukui, Toshihiro; Kasegawa, Hitoshi; Kin, Hajime
2015 JTCS Volume 150 Issue 3 September (46).pdf.jpg2015Gender differences in patients undergoing surgery for acute type A aortic dissection.Fukui, Toshihiro; Tabata, Minoru; Morita, Satoshi; Takanashi, Shuichiro
2013medicine article l (98).pdf.jpg2013Influence of left ventricular function on development of systolic anterior motion after mitral valve repairManabe, Susumu; Kasegawa, Hitoshi; Fukui, Toshihiro; Tabata, Minoru
2016 ATS Volume 101 Issue 3 March (45).pdf.jpg2016Mitral Valve Surgery in Patients With Severe Mitral Annular Calci fi cationUchimuro, Tomoya; Fukui, Toshihiro; Shimizu, Atsushi
2017 ATS Volume 103 Issue 3 March (7).pdf.jpg2017ORIGINAL ARTICLES : ADULT CARDIAC Ten Year Experience of Coronary Endarterectomy for the Diffusely DiseasedNishigawa, Kosaku; Fukui, Toshihiro; Yamazaki, Masataka; Takanashi, Shuichiro
2014medicine article m (42).pdf.jpg2014Outcomes of contemporary emergency open surgery for type A acute aortic dissection in elderly patientsMatsushita, Akihito; Tabata, Minoru; Fukui, Toshihiro; Sato, Yasunori
2012medicine article y (547).pdf.jpg2012Outcomes of total arch replacement with stepwise distal anastomosis technique and modified perfusion strategyMatsuyama, Shigefumi; Tabata, Minoru; Shimokawa, Tomoki; Matsushita, Akihito; Fukui, Toshihiro; Takanashi, Shuichiro
2012medicine article y (326).pdf.jpg2012Sequential free right internal thoracic artery grafting for multivessel coronary artery bypass graftingFukui, Toshihiro; Tabata, Minoru; Morita, Satoshi; Takanashi, Shuichiro
2016 ATS Volume 101 Issue 4 April (55).pdf.jpg2016Surgical Strategy and Outcome for Aortic Root in Patients Undergoing Repair of Acute TypeDissection, A Aortic; Nishida, Hidefumi; Tabata, Minoru; Fukui, Toshihiro
2012medicine article y (79).pdf.jpg2012Thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysm repair with patent gastroepiploic artery graft A new type of aortic arch interruption without significant patent ductus arteriosus and with no ventricular septal defectFukui, Toshihiro; Yamada, Muneaki; Tabata, Minoru
2017 ATS Volume 103 Issue 4 April (52).pdf.jpg2017Tricuspid Valve Repair With Artificial Chorda After Previous Ventricular Septal Defect RepairSassa, Toshiharu; Okamoto, Ken; Tazume, Hirokazu; Noguchi, Ryo; Koga, Ayumi; Fukui, Toshihiro