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2018 CHEMOSPHERE Volume 204 August (55).pdf.jpg2018Chemosphere The effect of antibiotics on the persistence of herbicides in soil under the combined pollutionJiang, Wenqi; Gao, Jing; Cheng, Zheng; Wang, Peng; Zhou, Zhiqiang; Liu, Donghui
2012medicine article c (882).pdf.jpg2012Hybrid Rylene Arrays via Combination of Stille Coupling and C − H Transformation as High-Performance Electron Transport MaterialsYue, Wan; Lv, Aifeng; Gao, Jing; Jiang, Wei; Hao, Linxiao; Li, Cheng; Li, Yan; Polander, Lauren E; Barlow, Stephen; Hu, Wenping; Motta, Simone Di; Negri, Fabrizia; Marder, Seth R; Wang, Zhaohui
2011medicine article d (1836).pdf.jpg2011One-Pot Synthesis of Stable NIR Tetracene Diimides via Double Cross-CouplingYue, Wan; Gao, Jing; Li, Yan; Jiang, Wei; Motta, Simone Di; Negri, Fabrizia; Wang, Zhaohui
2016 PB Volume 154 February (18).pdf.jpg2016Physiology & Behavior Protective effect of tetrahydropalmatine against D -galactose induced memory impairment in ratQu, Zhuo; Zhang, Jingze; Yang, Honggai; Huo, Liqin; Gao, Jing; Chen, Hong; Gao, Wenyuan
2018 DDIP Volume 44 Issue 6 June (15).pdf.jpg2018Preparation and evaluation of carfentanil nasal spray employing cyclodextrin inclusion technologyYang, Peng; Li, Ying; Li, Wanqing; Zhang, Hui; Gao, Jing; Sun, Jianxu; Yin, Xiaoxing; Zheng, Aiping
2018 CANSER Volume 124 Issue 11 June (12).pdf.jpg2018Salvage Treatment Using Carbon Ion Radiation in Patients With Locoregionally Recurrent Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma : Initial ResultsHu, Jiyi; Bao, Cihang; Gao, Jing; Guan, Xiyin; Hu, Weixu; Yang, Jing; Hu, Chaosu
2012medicine article c (1556).pdf.jpg2012Systematic Investigation of Benzodithiophene- and Diketopyrrolopyrrole-Based Low-Bandgap Polymers Designed for Single Junction and Tandem Polymer Solar CellsDou, Letian; Gao, Jing; Richard, Eric; You, Jingbi; Chen, Chun-chao; Cha, Kitty C; He, Youjun; Li, Gang; Yang, Yang