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2015 JACC Volume 8 Issue 4 April (19).pdf.jpg2015Approaching the Post-Femoral Era for Coronary Angiography and Intervention Sunil V. Rao, Sasko KedevPandie, Shaheen; Mehta, Shamir R; Cantor, Warren J; Cheema, Asim N; Gao, Peggy; Madan, Mina; Niemela, Kari; Rao, Sunil V; Schwalm, Jon David; Valentin, Vicent; Velianou, James L; Jolly, Sanjit S
2013medicine article ao (45).pdf.jpg2013Effect of Radial Versus Femoral Access on Radiation Dose and the Importance of Procedural VolumeSteg, Philippe Gabriel; Natarajan, Madhu K; Cheema, Asim N; Rao, Sunil V; Cantor, Warren J; Valentin, Vicent; Fung, Anthony; Widimsky, Petr; Ferrari, Emile; Gao, Peggy; Jedrzejowski, Barbara
2015 NEUOROLOY Volume 84 Issue 22 June (10).pdf.jpg2015Healthy eating and reduced risk of cognitive decline: A cohort from 40 countriesSmyth, Andrew; Dehghan, Mahshid; Donnell, Martin O; Anderson, Craig S; Teo, Koon; Gao, Peggy; Sleight, Peter; Dagenais, Gilles; Probstfield, Jeffrey L; Mente, Andrew; Yusuf, Salim
2017 JACC Volume 69 Issue 8 February (8).pdf.jpg2017in Eliminating Parasites inCuneo, Carlos; Milesi, Rodolfo; Mallagray, Marcelo; Apt, Werner; Beloscar, Juan; Gao, Peggy; Ms, C; Wei, Bo; Ms, C; Mccarthy, Michael; Yusuf, Salim
2016 LANC Volume 387 Issue 10014 January (6).pdf.jpg2016Outcomes after thrombus aspiration for ST elevation myocardial infarction : 1-year follow-up of the prospective randomised TOTAL trialJolly, Sanjit S; Cairns, John A; Yusuf, Salim; Rokoss, Michael J; Gao, Peggy; Meeks, Brandi; Kedev, Sasko; Stankovic, Goran; Moreno, Raul; Gershlick, Anthony
2012medicine article bc (23).pdf.jpg2012Safety and Efficacy of Low Blood Pressures Among Patients With Diabetes Alone and in combination with Ramipril Global Endpoint Trial )Gao, Peggy; Pogue, Janice; Fagard, Robert; Verdecchia, Paolo; Weber, Michael; Böhm, Michael; Williams, Bryan; Yusoff, Khalid
2018 JACC Volume 72 Issue 14 October (25).pdf.jpg2018Thrombus Aspiration in Patients With High Thrombus Burden in the TOTAL TrialJolly, Sanjit S.; Cairns, John a.; Lavi, Shahar; Cantor, Warren J.; Bernat, Ivo; Cheema, Asim N.; Moreno, Raul; Kedev, Sasko; Stankovic, Goran; Rao, Sunil V.; Meeks, Brandi; Chowdhary, Saqib; Gao, Peggy; Sibbald, Matthew; Velianou, James L.; Mehta, Shamir R.; Tsang, Mich