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2019 ATS Volume 107 Issue 4 April (54).pdf.jpg2019A 20-Year Experience With Resection of Primary Cardiac Tumors and Metastatic Tumors of the HeartLau, Christopher; Leonard, Jeremy R.; Schwann, Alexandra N.; Soletti, Giovanni; Abouarab, Ahmed a.; Munjal, Monica; Gaudino, Mario; Girardi, Leonard N.
2020 EJCTS Volume 57 Issue 1 January (43).pdf.jpg2020Analyse the evidence, generate new evidence and apply the evidence: Cardiac surgery is not only about cutting and sewingGaudino, Mario; Schwann, Thomas; Puskas, John; Kolh, Philippe
2020 AoTS Volume 109 Issue 3 March (39).pdf.jpg2020Angiographic Outcome of Coronary Artery Bypass Grafts: The Radial Artery Database International AllianceGaudino, Mario; Benedetto, Umberto; Fremes, Stephen E.; Hare, David L.; Hayward, Philip; Moat, Neil; Moscarelli, Marco; Di Franco, Antonino; Nasso, Giuseppe; Peric, Miodrag; Petrovic, Ivana; Collins, Peter; Webb, Carolyn M.; Puskas, John D.; Speziale, Giuseppe; Yoo, Kyu
2019 JACCCI Volume 12 Issue 22 November (12).pdf.jpg2019Best Practices for the Prevention of Radial Artery Occlusion After Transradial Diagnostic Angiography and Intervention: An International Consensus PaperBernat, Ivo; Aminian, Adel; Pancholy, Samir; Mamas, Mamas; Gaudino, Mario; Nolan, James; Gilchrist, Ian C.; Saito, Shigeru; Hahalis, George N.; Ziakas, Antonio; Louvard, Yves; Montalescot, Gilles; Sgueglia, Gregory a.; van Leeuwen, Maarten a.H.; Babunashvili, Avtandil
2019 EJoCTS Volume 56 Issue 5 November (15).pdf.jpg2019Bilateral internal thoracic artery versus radial artery multi-arterial bypass grafting: a report from the STS database†Schwann, Thomas a.; Habib, Robert H.; Wallace, Amelia; Shahian, David; Gaudino, Mario; Kurlansky, Paul; Engoren, Milo C.; Tranbaugh, Robert F.; Schwann, Alexandra N.; Jacobs, Jeffrey P.
2015 JACC1 Volume 66 Issue 15 October (8).pdf.jpg2015The Choice of Conduits in Coronary Artery Bypass SurgeryGaudino, Mario; Taggart, David; Suma, Hisayoshi; Puskas, John D.; Crea, Filippo; Massetti, Massimo
2015 JTCS Volume 150 Issue 5 November (33).pdf.jpg2015Contemporary outcomes of surgery for aortic root aneurysms: A propensity-matched comparison of valve-sparing and composite valve graft replacementGaudino, Mario; Lau, Christopher; Munjal, Monica; Avgerinos, Dimitrios; Girardi, Leonard N.
2017 EJCTS Volume 52 Issue 2 July (6).pdf.jpg2017Contemporary results of hemiarch replacementGambardella, Ivancarmine; Gaudino, Mario; Lau, Christopher; Munjal, Monica; Di, Antonino; Ohmes, Lucas B; Hameedi, Fawad; Spadaccio, Cristiano; Girardi, Leonard N
2018 CIRCULATION Volume 137 Issue 16 April (2).pdf.jpg2018Continuing Conundrum of MultipleGaudino, Mario; Fremes, Stephen E; Taggart, David P
2020 AoTS Volume 109 Issue 5 May (76).pdf.jpg2020Coronary Bypass With the Free Internal Thoracic Artery to Treat Anomalous Right Coronary ArteryGaudino, Mario; Robinson, N. Bryce; Hameed, Irbaz; Girardi, Leonard N.
2016 EJCTS Volume 49 Issue 3 March (66).pdf.jpg2016Corrigendum to ‘ Morphological and functional consequences of transradial coronary angiography on the radial artery : implications for its use as a bypass conduit ’ [ Eur J Cardiothorac Surg 2015 ; 48 : 370 – 4 ] †Gaudino, Mario; Leone, Alessandro; Lupascu, Andrea; Toesca, Amelia; Mazza, Andrea
2019 EJCTS Volume 55 Issue 2 February (35).pdf.jpg2019Corrigendum to: Radial artery as a conduit for coronary artery bypass grafting: A state-of-the-art primer? (European Journal of Cardio-thoracic Surgery (2018) 54 (971-976) DOI: 10.1093/ejcts/ezy335)Sousa-Uva, Miguel; Gaudino, Mario; Schwann, Thomas; Acar, Christophe; Nappi, Francesco; Benedeto, Umberto; Ruel, Marc
2020 AoTS Volume 109 Issue 6 June (10).pdf.jpg2020DATABASE : UPDATE ON OUTCOMESGaudino, Mario; Chikwe, Joanna; Falk, Volkmar; Lawton, Jennifer S; Puskas, John D; Taggart, David P; Pathak, Ranjan; Blasberg, Justin D
2017 EJCTS Volume 51 Issue 2 February (4).pdf.jpg2017Early clinical outcome after aortic root replacement using a biological composite valved graft with and without neo sinuses Generalities overviewGaudino, Mario; Weltert, Luca; Munjal, Monica; Lau, Christopher; Elsayed, Mohamed
2019 JoACC Volume 73 Issue 18 May (22).pdf.jpg2019Effect of Calcium-Channel Blocker Therapy on Radial Artery Grafts After Coronary Bypass SurgeryGaudino, Mario; Benedetto, Umberto; Fremes, Stephen E; Hare, David L; Hayward, Philip; Moat, Neil; Moscarelli, Marco; Franco, Antonino Di; Nasso, Giuseppe; Peric, Miodrag; Petrovic, Ivana; Puskas, John D; Speziale, Giuseppe; Yoo, Kyung Jong; Girardi, Leonard N; Taggart,
2016 CIRC Volume 134 Issue 17 October (3).pdf.jpg2016The Evolution of Coronary Bypass Surgery Will Determine Its Relevance as the Standard of Care for the Treatment for Multivessel CoronaryGlineur, David; Gaudino, Mario; Grau, Juan
2019 Circulation Volume 139 Issue 16 April (3).pdf.jpg2019Experience Is Crucial in Off-Pump Coronary Artery Bypass GraftingPuskas, John D.; Gaudino, Mario; Taggart, David P.
2020 JACCCI Volume 13 Issue 1 January (9).pdf.jpg2020FFR Cutoff by Arterial Graft Configuration and Location: IMPAG Trial InsightsGlineur, David; Rahouma, Mohamed; Grau, Juan B.; Etienne, Pierre Yves; Fortier, Jacqueline H.; Papadatos, Spiridon; Laruelle, Christophe; Pieters, Denis; El Khoury, Elie; Gaudino, Mario
2020 JACCCI Volume 13 Issue 9 May (8).pdf.jpg2020Fractional Flow Reserve–Based Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery: Current Evidence and Future DirectionsSpadaccio, Cristiano; Glineur, David; Barbato, Emanuele; Di Franco, Antonino; Oldroyd, Keith G.; Biondi-Zoccai, Giuseppe; Crea, Filippo; Fremes, Stephen E.; Angiolillo, Dominick J.; Gaudino, Mario
2018 EJCTS Volume 54 Issue 5 November (13).pdf.jpg2018Implications of coronary artery bypass grafting and percutaneous coronary intervention on disease progression and the resulting changes to the physiology and pathology of the native coronary arteriesFortier, Jacqueline H; Ferrari, Giovanni; Glineur, David; Gaudino, Mario; Shaw, Richard E; Ruel, Marc; Grau, Juan B