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2016 AAD Volume 74 Issue 1 January (21).pdf.jpg2016Characterizing subsequent primary melanomas (SPM) in adolescents and young adults: A population-based study from 1973 to 2011Fu, Teresa; Swetter, Susan M; Ms, Li Tao; Geller, Alan C; Rn, M P H; Mph, Christina A Clarke; Ms, Theresa H M Keegan
2013medicine article s (247).pdf.jpg2013Disproportionate Burden of Melanoma Mortality in Young US Men The Possible Role of Biology and BehaviorFisher, David E; Geller, Alan C
2016 CANCER Volume 122 Issue 20 October (13).pdf.jpg2016Downstream Consequences of Melanoma Screening in a Community Practice Setting : First ResultsWeinstock, Martin A; Ferris, Laura K; Saul, Melissa I; Geller, Alan C
2017 AD Volume 153 Issue 10 October (39).pdf.jpg2017Factors in Early Adolescence Associated With a Mole-Prone Phenotype in Late AdolescenceXu, Haoming; Marchetti, Michael A; Dusza, Stephen W; Chung, Esther; Fonseca, Maira; Scope, Alon; Geller, Alan C; Bishop, Marilyn; Marghoob, Ashfaq A; Halpern, Allan C
2014medicine article s (671).pdf.jpg2014The Integrated Skin Exam film: an educational intervention to promote early detection of melanoma by medical students.Garg, Amit; Wang, Joyce; Reddy, Shalini B; Powers, Jennifer; Jacob, Reza; Powers, Michael; Biello, Katie; Cayce, Rachael; Savory, Stephanie; Belazarian, Leah; Domingues, Erik; Korzenko, Adam; Wilson, Lindsay; Grant-Kels, Jane M; George, Paul; Robinson-Bostom, Leslie; Trotter, Shannon C; Geller, Alan C
2012medicine article r (77).pdf.jpg2012Prospective Study of Sunburn and Sun Behavior Patterns During AdolescenceDusza, Stephen W; Halpern, Allan C; Satagopan, Jaya M; Oliveria, Susan A; Weinstock, A; Scope, Alon; Berwick, Marianne; Geller, Alan C; Dusza, Authors Stephen W; Halpern, Allan C
2017 AD Volume 153 Issue 5 May (29).pdf.jpg2017Research on Skin Cancer–Related Behaviors and Outcomes in the NIH Grant Portfolio, 2000 2014 Skin Cancer Intervention Across the Cancer Control Continuum (SCI 3C)Perna, Frank M; Dwyer, Laura A; Tesauro, Gina; Taber, Jennifer M; Norton, Wynne E; Hartman, Anne M; Geller, Alan C
2014medicine article s (611).PDF.jpg2014Screening, early detection, education, and trends for melanoma: current status (2007-2013) and future directions: Part I. Epidemiology, high-risk groups, clinical strategies, and diagnostic technology.Mayer, Jonathan E; Swetter, Susan M; Fu, Teresa; Geller, Alan C
2013medicine article z (154).pdf.jpg2013Stronger Laws Are Needed to Protect Teens From Indoor TanningBalk, Sophie J; Fisher, David E; Geller, Alan C
2013medicine article z (200).pdf.jpg2013Teens and Indoor Tanning : A Cancer Prevention Opportunity for Pediatricians abstractBalk, Sophie J; Fisher, David E; Geller, Alan C
2016 AD Volume 152 Issue 4 April (39).pdf.jpg2016Total Nevi, Atypical Nevi, and Melanoma Thickness An Analysis of 566 Patients at 2 US CentersGeller, Alan C; Mayer, Jonathan E; Sober, Arthur J; Miller, Donald R; Argenziano, Giuseppe; Johnson, Timothy M; Swetter, Susan M
2016 AD Volume 152 Issue 9 September (9).pdf.jpg2016What the USPSTF “ Insufficient ” Skin Cancer Screening Recommendation Means for Primary Care Clinicians and DermatologistsSwetter, Susan M; Geller, Alan C; Halpern, Allan C