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2017 EJCTS Volume 51 Issue 2 February (21).pdf.jpg2017Bilateral internal mammary artery Y construct with multiple sequential grafting improves survival compared to bilateral internal mammary artery with additional vein graftsPapadatos, Spiridon; Brizzio, Mariano; Mindich, Bruce; Zapolanski, Alex; Grau, Juan B
2016 EJCTS Volume 50 Issue 4 October (19).pdf.jpg2016Complete myocardial revascularization using only bilateral internal thoracic arteries provides a low-risk and durable 10-year clinical outcomeGlineur, David; Papadatos, Spiridon; Grau, Juan B; Shaw, Richard E; Kuschner, Cyrus E; Aphram, Gaby
2016 EJCTS Volume 49 Issue 1 January (33).pdf.jpg2016The effects of using a radial artery in patients already receiving bilateral internal mammary arteries during coronary bypass grafting : 30-day outcomes and 14-year survival in a propensity-matched cohort †Grau, Juan B; Kuschner, Cyrus E; Johnson, Christopher K; Ferrari, Giovanni; Zapolanski, Alex
2016 EJCTS Volume 49 Issue 1 January (58).pdf.jpg2016Homograft subclavian interposition graft to left main coronary artery ostium in aortic root replacementZapolanski, Alex; Kuschner, Cyrus E; Brizzio, Mariano E; Grau, Juan B
2015 JTCS Volume 149 Issue 4 April (17).pdf.jpg2015Impact of pump status and conduit choice in coronary artery bypass : A 15-year follow-up study in 1412 propensity-matched patientsGrau, Juan B; Johnson, Christopher K; Kuschner, Cyrus E; Ferrari, Giovanni; Shaw, Richard E; Brizzio, Mariano E; Zapolanski, Alex
2018 EJCTS Volume 54 Issue 5 November (13).pdf.jpg2018Implications of coronary artery bypass grafting and percutaneous coronary intervention on disease progression and the resulting changes to the physiology and pathology of the native coronary arteriesFortier, Jacqueline H; Ferrari, Giovanni; Glineur, David; Gaudino, Mario; Shaw, Richard E; Ruel, Marc; Grau, Juan B