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2017 Sleep Volume 40 Issue 8 August (1).pdf.jpg2017Externalizing Behaviors and Callous Unemotional Traits : Different Associations With Sleep QualityDenis, Dan; Akhtar, Reece; Holding, Benjamin C; Murray, Christina; Panatti, Jennifer; Claridge, Gordon; Sadeh, Avi; Barclay, Nicola L; Leary, Rachael O; Maughan, Barbara; Mcadams, Tom A; Rowe, Richard; Eley, Thalia C; Viding, Essi; Gregory, Alice M
2015 Sleep Volume 38 Issue 1 January (13).pdf.jpg2015The Heritability of Insomnia Progression during Childhood / Adolescence : Results from a Longitudinal Twin StudyBarclay, Nicola L; Gehrman, Philip R; Gregory, Alice M; Eaves, Lindon J; Silberg, Judy L
2018 Sleep Volume 41 Issue 9 September (5).pdf.jpg2018Heritability of sleep quality in a middle-aged twin sample from SpainMadrid-Valero, Juan J; Sánchez-Romera, Juan F; Gregory, Alice M; Martínez-Selva, José M; Ordoñana, Juan R
2015 Sleep Volume 38 Issue 4 April (13).pdf.jpg2015Is Insomnia Associated with Deficits in Neuropsychological Functioning ? Evidence from a Population-Based StudyGoldman-mellor, Sidra; Caspi, Avshalom; Gregory, Alice M; Harrington, Honalee; Poulton, Richie; Moffitt, Terrie E
2016 SLEEP Volume 39 Issue 11 November (16).pdf.jpg2016A Longitudinal Twin and Sibling Study of Associations between Insomnia and Depression Symptoms in Young Adults.Gregory, Alice M; Rijsdijk, Fruhling V; Eley, Thalia C; Buysse, Daniel J; Schneider, Melanie N; Parsons, Mike; Barclay, Nicola L
2011medicine article i (239).pdf.jpg2011Volume 34 , Issue 10 , 2011Roth, Thomas; Gregory, Alice M
2011medicine article i (180).pdf.jpg2011Why Can ’ t My Child Sleep and Will There be Long-Term Consequences ? Lessons from Prospective Community-Based StudiesGregory, Alice M