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2012medicine article bq (26).pdf.jpg2012Cerebral Protection for Aortic Arch Surgery : Deep HypothermiaLuozzo, Gabriele Di; Griepp, Randall B
2014medicine article m (31).pdf.jpg2014Endovascular coil embolization of segmental arteries prevents paraplegia after subsequent thoracoabdominal aneurysm repair : An experimental modelGeisb, Sarah; Stefanovic, Angelina; Koruth, Jacob S; Lin, Hung-mo; Morgello, Susan; Weisz, Donald J; Griepp, Randall B; Luozzo, Gabriele Di
2012medicine article y (581).pdf.jpg2012Imaging of vascular remodeling after simulated thoracoabdominal aneurysm repair Measurements of Vessels and CalibrationGeisb, Sarah; Schray, Deborah; Bischoff, Moritz S; Lin, Hung-mo; Griepp, Randall B; Luozzo, Gabriele Di
2013medicine article l (744).pdf.jpg2013IntroductionGriepp, Randall B; Lansman, Steven L; Coselli, Joe; Griepp, Randall; Kouchoukos, Nick
2012medicine article y (61).pdf.jpg2012A propensity score – matched comparison of deep versus mild hypothermia during thoracoabdominal aortic surgeryWeiss, Aaron J; Lin, Hung-mo; Bischoff, Moritz S; Scheumann, Johannes; Lazala, Ricardo; Griepp, Randall B; Luozzo, Gabriele Di
2014medicine article m (12).pdf.jpg2014A prospective study of growth and rupture risk of small-to-moderate size ascending aortic aneurysmsGeisb, Sarah; Stefanovic, Angelina; Schray, Deborah; Oyfe, Irina; Lin, Hung-mo; Luozzo, Gabriele Di; Griepp, Randall B
2013medicine article l (135).pdf.jpg2013Quality of life and survival of septuagenarians and octogenarians after repair of descending and thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysmsLuozzo, Gabriele Di; Shirali, Aditya S; Varghese, Robin; Lin, Hung-mo; Weiss, Aaron J; Bischoff, Moritz S; Griepp, Randall B
2015 JTCS Volume Suppl. 1 (2).pdf.jpg2015Spinal cord protection in surgical and endovascular repair of thoracoabdominal aortic diseaseGriepp, Randall B; Griepp, Eva B
2013medicine article l (626).pdf.jpg2013Table of Contents Table of ContentsGriepp, Randall B; Lansman, Steven L; Braverman, Alan C; Louis, St; Mack, Michael; Svensson, Lars G; Tuzcu, Murat; Kapadia, Samir; Blackstone, Eugene H; Roselli, Eric E; Gillinov, A Marc; Lytle, Bruce W; Bleiziffer, Sabine; Elhmidi, Yacine; Piazza, Nicolo