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2018 PMB Volume 63 Issue 4 February (4).pdf.jpg2018Comparison of Monte Carlo and analytical dose computations for intensity modulated proton therapy Comparison of Monte Carlo and analytical dose computations for intensity modulated proton therapyYepes, Pablo; Adair, Antony; Grosshans, David; Mirkovic, Dragan; Poenisch, Falk; Titt, Uwe
2016 RO Volume 119 Issue 3 June (21).pdf.jpg2016Impact of heart and lung dose on early survival in patients with non-small cell lung cancer treated with chemoradiation qTucker, Susan L; Liu, Anwen; Gomez, Daniel; Long, Ling; Allen, Pamela; Yang, Jinzhong; Liao, Zhongxing; Grosshans, David
2014medicine article ad (291).pdf.jpg2014In-beam PET imaging for on-line adaptive proton therapy: an initial phantom studyShao, Yiping; Sun, Xishan; Lou, Kai; Zhu, Xiaorong R; Mirkovic, Dragon; Poenisch, Falk; Grosshans, David
2018 IJoROBP Volume 101 Issue 1 May (6).pdf.jpg2018National Cancer Institute Workshop on Proton Therapy for Children: Considerations Regarding Brainstem InjuryHaas-Kogan, Daphne; Indelicato, Daniel; Paganetti, Harald; Esiashvili, Natia; Mahajan, Anita; Yock, Torunn; Flampouri, Stella; MacDonald, Shannon; Fouladi, Maryam; Stephen, Kry; Kalapurakal, John; Terezakis, Stephanie; Kooy, Hanne; Grosshans, David; Makrigiorgos, Mike
2017 MPHY Volume 44 Issue 11 November  (31).pdf.jpg2017Optimization of Monte Carlo particle transport parameters and validation of a novel high throughput experimental setup to measure the biological effects of particle beamsPatel, Darshana; Bronk, Lawrence; Guan, Fada; Peeler, Christopher R.; Brons, Stephan; Dokic, Ivana; Abdollahi, Amir; Rittmüller, Claudia; Jäkel, Oliver; Grosshans, David; Mohan, Radhe; Titt, Uwe
2018 IJROBP Volume Issue 4 March (30).pdf.jpg2018Proceedings of the National Cancer Institute Workshop on Charged Particle RadiobiologyMohan, Radhe; Held, Kathryn D.; Story, Michael D.; Grosshans, David; Capala, Jacek
2018 RO Volume 128 Issue 1 July (27).pdf.jpg2018Toward A variable RBE for proton beam therapyWillers, Henning; Allen, Antino; Grosshans, David; Mcmahon, Stephen J; Neubeck, Cläre Von; Wiese, Claudia; Vikram, Bhadrasain