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2015 EAD Volume 29 Issue 10 October (31).pdf.jpg2015Antiviral gene expression in psoriasisRaposo, R A; Gupta, R; Dimon, M; Debbaneh, M; Jiang, W; York, V A; Leadabrand, K S; Brown, G; Malakouti, M; Arron, S; Kuebler, P J; Wu, J J; Pillai, S K; Nixon, D F; Liao, W
2017 JBJSAV Volume 99 Issue 24 December (10).pdf.jpg2017Attenuation of Robust Glial Scar Formation of Chronic Nerve Compression InjuryZhu, D; Tapadia, M D; Palispis, W; Luu, M; Wang, W; Gupta, R
2015 JBJS Volume 97 Issue 8 April (7).pdf.jpg2015A cost-effective junior resident training and assessment simulator for orthopaedic surgical skills via fundamentals of orthopaedic surgery: AAOS exhibit selectionLopez, G; Wright, R; Martin, D; Jung, J; Bracey, D; Gupta, R
2016 EYE Volume 30 Issue 8 August (2).pdf.jpg2016The incidence of diabetic retinopathy requiring treatment is also low in the under 90 age groupTalks, S J; Gupta, R; Buckley, S
2016 BJA Volume 116 Issue 1 January (20).pdf.jpg2016Neuraxial block and postoperative epidural analgesia : effects on outcomes in the POISE-2 trial †Leslie, K; Mcilroy, D; Kasza, J; Forbes, A; Kurz, A; Khan, J; Meyhoff, C S; Allard, R; Landoni, G; Jara, X; Buse, G Lurati; Candiotti, K; Lee, H-s; Gupta, R; Vanhelder, T; Purayil, W; Hert, S De
2014medicine article j (218).pdf.jpg2014OrthopaedicGhert, M; Gj, Della Rocca; Gupta, R; Provencher, M; Wolf, B; Jm, Wolf; Yee, A
2018 Lancet Volume 392 Issue 10163 December (3).pdf.jpg2018Promoting school climate and health outcomes with the SEHER multi-component secondary school intervention in Bihar, India: a cluster-randomised controlled trialShinde, S; Weiss, H a; Varghese, B; Khandeparkar, P; Pereira, B; Sharma, a; Gupta, R; Ross, D a; Patton, G; Patel, V
2013medicine article r (287).pdf.jpg2013Treatment of actinomycetoma foot – our experience with ten patientsAgarwal, U S; Besarwal, R K; Gupta, R; Agarwal, P