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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
-A methodological systematic review of what's wrong with meta-ethnography reportingNMAHP Research; HS Health - Stirling; University of Stirling; Bangor University; HS Health - Stirling
-Against meaningHS Health - Stirling
-An archaeology of caring knowledgeHS Health - Stirling
-An evaluation to assess the implementation of NHS delivered Alcohol Brief Interventions: Final ReportHS Health - Stirling; HS Research - Highland; University of Stirling; NMH - Policy - Stirling; HS Health - Stirling; Institute for Social Marketing; Institute for Social Marketing; Institute for Social Marketing; University of Dundee; University of Dundee
-Assessment of alcohol problems using AUDIT in a prison setting: more than an 'aye or no' questionInstitute for Social Marketing; HS Health - Stirling; Institute for Social Marketing; NHS National Services Scotland; NHS Health Scotland; Institute for Social Marketing
-Asthma and dualismHS Health - Stirling
-Benner's remnants: Culture, tradition and everyday understandingHS Health - Stirling
-Beyond the 'swampy lowlands': the welfare benefits of reflective practice through learning (Forthcoming/Available Online)HS Health - Stirling; Macmillan Cancer Support
-Caring as a slave morality: Nietzschean themes in nursing ethicsHS Health - Stirling
-Clinical cognition and embodimentHS Health - Stirling
-Commentary: Care tactics - arguments, absences and assumptions in relational ethicsHS Health - Stirling
-Complex Interventions and Complex Systems in Occupational Therapy: an Alternative PerspectiveNMAHP Research; HS Health - Stirling; University College London
-Complexity in health care: A rejoinderHS Health - Stirling
-Complexity theory as an approach to explanation in healthcare: A critical discussionHS Health - Stirling; University of Oxford
-Developing Community Nursing Practice: Promoting Case Management and Skill Enhancement to Support Shifting the Balance of CareHS Post Qual - Stirling; HS UG Regulated - Highland; University of Stirling; HS Health - Stirling; NHS Scotland; Counselling and Well Being
-Does time matter? An investigation of knowledge and attitudes following blood transfusion trainingScottish National Blood Transfusion Service; Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service; HS Health - Stirling
-Employment following cancer diagnosis: A narrative summary of the evidenceHS Health - Stirling; HS Research - Highland
-Error and objectivity: cognitive illusions and qualitative researchHS Health - Stirling
-Evidence and expertiseHS Health - Stirling
-Freedom from Violence: Tools for Working with Trauma, Mental Health and Substance Use: Resource Tool KitArmstrong, S; HS Health - Stirling; Cowichan Women Against Violence Society, Duncan; Children’s Foundation (Surrey); Ending Violence Association BC (formerly BCASVACP); Independent; Battered Women’s Support Services; Ending Violence Association BC (formerly BCASVACP); Northern Society for Domestic Peace, Houston; Fir Square Combined Care Unit, Vancouver; Robson Valley Home Support Society, McBride; British Columbia Women’s Hospital & Health Centre