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2018 IJROBP Volume 102 Issue 1 September (17).pdf.jpg2018Extended-Field Chemoradiation Therapy for Definitive Treatment of Anal Canal Squamous Cell Carcinoma Involving the Para-Aortic Lymph NodesHolliday, Emma B; Lester, Scott C; Harmsen, W Scott; Eng, Cathy; Haddock, Michael G; Krishnan, Sunil; Das, Prajnan; Hallemeier, Christopher L
2018 IJROBP Volume 102 Issue 2 September (8).pdf.jpg2018Gastrointestinal Cancers d Carving Out the Optimal Local Therapies in the Gastrointestinal TractOlsen, By Jeffrey R; Murphy, James D; Huguet, Florence; Hallemeier, Christopher L; Apisarnthanarax, Smith
2018 IJROBP Volume 101 Issue 4 July (19).pdf.jpg2018GI Cancers d Modulating the Modern Management of Gastrointestinal Malignancies : A Look at Liver Metastases , Rectal Cancer , Esophagogastric Cancer , and Anal CancerJabbour, By Salma K; Editor, Senior; Apisarnthanarax, Smith; Editor, Associate; Hallemeier, Christopher L; Editor, Associate
2016 IJROBP Volume 95 Issue 1 May (35).pdf.jpg2016Improving Outcomes for Esophageal Cancer using Proton Beam TherapyChuong, Michael D; Hallemeier, Christopher L; Jabbour, Salma K; Yu, Jen; Badiyan, Shahed; Merrell, Kenneth W; Mishra, Mark V; Li, Heng; Verma, Vivek; Lin, Steven H
2017 IJROBP Volume 98 Issue 4 July (17).pdf.jpg2017A Multi institutional Analysis of Trimodality Therapy for Esophageal Cancer in Elderly PatientsLester, Scott C; Lin, Steven H; Chuong, Michael; Bhooshan, Neha; Liao, Zhongxing; Arnett, Andrea L; James, Sarah E; Evans, Jaden D; Spears, Grant M; Komaki, Ritsuko; Haddock, Michael G; Mehta, Minesh P; Hallemeier, Christopher L; Merrell, Kenneth W
2017 IJROBP Volume 97 Issue 2 February (24).pdf.jpg2017Multi Institutional Experience of Stereotactic Ablative Radiation Therapy for Stage I Small Cell Lung CancerVerma, Vivek; Simone, Charles B; Allen, Pamela K; Gajjar, Sameer R; Shah, Chirag; Zhen, Weining; Harkenrider, Matthew M; Hallemeier, Christopher L; Jabbour, Salma K; Matthiesen, Chance L; Braunstein, Steve E; Lee, Percy; Dilling, Thomas J; Allen, Bryan G; Nichols, Eliz
2017 CANCER Volume 123 Issue 4 February (8).pdf.jpg2017Multi Institutional Experience of Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy for Large ( 5 Centimeters ) Non – Small Cell Lung TumorsVerma, Vivek; Shostrom, Valerie K; Kumar, Sameera S; Zhen, Weining; Hallemeier, Christopher L
2016 IJROBP Volume 94 Issue 3 March (8).pdf.jpg2016Predictors of Locoregional Failure and Impact on Overall Survival in Patients With Resected Exocrine Pancreatic CancerMerrell, Kenneth W; Haddock, Michael G; Quevedo, J Fernando; Harmsen, William S; Kendrick, Michael L; Miller, Robert C; Hallemeier, Christopher L