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2017 MP Volume 44 Issue 6 June (24).pdf.jpg2017Classi fi cation and evaluation strategies of auto segmentation approaches for PET : Report of AAPM task group No . 211Hatt, Mathieu; Lee, John A; Schmidtlein, Charles R; Lu, Wei; Jeraj, Robert
2012medicine article bp (377).pdf.jpg2012Comparison of different methods of incorporating respiratory motion for lung cancer tumor volume delineation on PET images: a simulation studyHatt, Mathieu; Maitre, Amandine Le; Wallach, Daphné; Fayad, Hadi; Visvikis, Dimitris
2017 MPHY Volume 44 Issue 11 November  (34).pdf.jpg2017A framework based on Hidden Markov Trees for multimodal PET/CT image co-segmentationHanzouli-Ben Salah, Houda; Lapuyade-Lahorgue, Jerome; Bert, Julien; Benoit, Didier; Lambin, Philippe; Baardwijk, Angela Van; Monfrini, Emmanuel; Pieczynski, Wojciech; Visvikis, Dimitris; Hatt, Mathieu
2012medicine article bp (257).pdf.jpg2012Impact of the accuracy of automatic tumour functional volume delineation on radiotherapyMaitre, Amandine Le; Hatt, Mathieu; Pradier, Olivier
2018 RO Volume 126 Issue 2 February (20).pdf.jpg2018Independent component analysis for rectal bleeding prediction following prostate cancer radiotherapyFargeas, Auréline; Acosta, Oscar; Ospina Arrango, Juan David; Ferhat, Amine; Costet, Nathalie; Albera, Laurent; Azria, David; Fenoglietto, Pascal; Créhange, Gilles; Beckendorf, Véronique; Hatt, Mathieu; Kachenoura, Amar; de Crevoisier, Renaud
2016 RO Volume 119 Issue 3 June (28).pdf.jpg2016Performance of automatic image segmentation algorithms for calculating total lesion glycolysis for early response monitoring in non-small cell lung cancer patients during concomitant chemoradiotherapyGrootjans, Willem; Usmanij, Edwin A; Oyen, Wim J G; Heijden, Erik H F M Van Der; Visser, Eric P; Visvikis, Dimitris; Hatt, Mathieu; Bussink, Johan; Geus-oei, Lioe-fee De
2015 MP Volume 42 Issue 10 October (5).pdf.jpg2015SPEQTACLE: An automated generalized fuzzy C-means algorithm for tumor delineation in PETLapuyade-Lahorgue, Jérôme; Visvikis, Dimitris; Pradier, Olivier; Cheze Le Rest, Catherine; Hatt, Mathieu