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2018 JACC Volume 72 Issue 11 September (1).pdf.jpg20182017 ACC/AHA Blood Pressure Treatment Guideline Recommendations and Cardiovascular RiskColantonio, Lisandro D.; Booth, John N.; Bress, Adam P.; Whelton, Paul K.; Shimbo, Daichi; Levitan, Emily B.; Howard, George; Safford, Monika M.; Muntner, Paul
2016 LANC Volume 387 Issue 10025 March (5).pdf.jpg2016Association between age and risk of stroke or death from carotid endarterectomy and carotid stenting : a meta-analysis of pooled patient data from four randomised trialsHoward, George; Roubin, Gary S; Jansen, Olav; Hendrikse, Jeroen; Halliday, Alison; Fraedrich, Gustav; Eckstein, Hans-henning; Calvet, David; Radcliffe, John
2018 JAMA Volume 320 Issue 13 October (20).pdf.jpg2018Association of Clinical and Social Factors With Excess Hypertension Risk in Black Compared With White US AdultsHoward, George; Cushman, Mary; Moy, Claudia S.; Oparil, Suzanne; Muntner, Paul; Lackland, Daniel T.; Manly, Jennifer J.; Flaherty, Matthew L.; Judd, Suzanne E.; Wadley, Virginia G.; Long, D. Leann; Howard, Virginia J.
2018 CID Volume 66 Issue 12 June (8).pdf.jpg2018Association of Neighborhood Socioeconomic Status With Risk of Infection and SepsisDonnelly, John P; Lakkur, Sindhu; Judd, Suzanne E; Levitan, Emily B; Griffin, Russell; Howard, George; Safford, Monika M; Wang, Henry E
2017 Neurology Volume 88 Issue 21 May (16).pdf.jpg2017Body mass index and outcome after revascularization for symptomatic carotid artery stenosisGreving, Jacoba P; Bonati, Leo H; Brott, Thomas G; Bulbulia, Richard; Gregson, John; Howard, George; Jansen, Olav
2017 CIRCULATION Volume 136 Issue 21 November (17).pdf.jpg2017Cardiovascular Health in African AmericansCarnethon, Mercedes R; Howard, George
2017 JAMA Volume 318 Issue 11 September (28).pdf.jpg2017Carotid Endarterectomy and Carotid Artery Stenting in the US Medicare Population, 1999-2014Lichtman, Judith H; Jones, Michael R; Leifheit, Erica C; Sheffet, Alice J; Howard, George; Lal, Brajesh K; Howard, Virginia J; Wang, Yun; Curtis, Jeptha; Brott, Thomas G
2016 NEUR Volume 86 Issue 7 February (12).pdf.jpg2016Differences in the role of black race and stroke risk factors for first vs recurrent strokeHoward, George; Kissela, Brett M; Kleindorfer, Dawn O; Mcclure, Leslie A; Judd, Suzanne E; Rhodes, J David; Cushman, Mary; Moy, Claudia S; Sands, Kara A; Howard, Virginia J
2016 JACC Volume 67 Issue 13 Supplement 1 April (2033).pdf.jpg2016THE EFFECT OF QUERCETIN ON BLOOD PRESSURE: A SYSTEMATIC REVIEW AND META-ANALYSIS OF RANDOMIZED CONTROLLED TRIALSSerban, Maria Corina; Sahebkar, Amirhossein; Muntner, Paul; Howard, George; Ahmed, Ali; Graham, Ian; Wong, Nathan D; Andrica, Florina; Antal, Diana; Aronow, Wilbert; Zanchetti, Alberto; Banach, Maciej; Pressure, Blood; Lbpmc, Meta-analysis Collaboration
2017 Circulation Volume 136 Issue 9 August (3).pdf.jpg2017Incident Cardiovascular Disease Among Adults With Blood Pressure <140/90 mm HgTajeu, Gabriel S; Iii, John N Booth; Colantonio, Lisandro D; Howard, George; Lackland, Daniel T; Brien, Emily C O; Oparil, Suzanne; Spruill, Tanya M; Muntner, Paul
2016 NEURO Volume 87 Issue 22 November (10).pdf.jpg2016Neighborhood socioeconomic index and stroke incidence in a national cohort of blacks and whitesHoward, Virginia J; Mcclure, Leslie A; Kleindorfer, Dawn O; Cunningham, Solveig A; Thrift, Amanda G; Roux, Ana V Diez; Howard, George
2018 Neurology Volume 90 issue 23 June (6).pdf.jpg2018New diagnosis of cancer and the risk of subsequent cerebrovascular eventsNavi, Babak B; Howard, George; Howard, Virginia J; Zhao, Hong
2018 Neurology Volume 91 Issue 17 October (4).pdf.jpg2018Outcomes after carotid endarterectomy among elderly dual Medicare-Medicaid – eligible patientsLeifheit, Erica C; Wang, Yun; Howard, George; Howard, Virginia J; Goldstein, Larry B
2019 Circulation Volume 139 Issue 1 January (6).pdf.jpg2019Potential Cardiovascular Disease Events Prevented with Adoption of the 2017 American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association Blood Pressure GuidelineBress, Adam P.; Colantonio, Lisandro D.; Cooper, Richard S.; Kramer, Holly; Booth, John N.; Odden, Michelle C.; Bibbins-Domingo, Kirsten; Shimbo, Daichi; Whelton, Paul K.; Levitan, Emily B.; Howard, George; Bellows, Brandon K.; Kleindorfer, Dawn; Safford, Monika M.; Mu
2018 Neurology Volume 91 Issue 19 November (5).pdf.jpg2018Racial di ff erences in recurrent ischemic stroke risk and recurrent stroke case fatalityAlbright, Karen C; Huang, Lei; Blackburn, Justin; Howard, George
2017 Neurology Volume 88 Issue 19 May (12).pdf.jpg2017Racial differences in statin adherence following hospital discharge for ischemic strokeAlbright, Karen C.; Zhao, Hong; Blackburn, Justin; Limdi, Nita a.; Beasley, T. Mark; Howard, George; Bittner, Vera; Howard, Virginia J.; Muntner, Paul
2012medicine article bc (264).pdf.jpg2012A Randomized Controlled Phase IIb Trial of Beta 1 -Receptor Blockade for Chronic Degenerative Mitral RegurgitationGupta, Himanshu; Howard, George; Ph, D R; Inusah, Seidu; Peri, Kalyani; Robinson, Jessica; Smith, Patty; Mcgiffin, David C; Schiros, Chun G; Denney, Thomas; Italia, J Dell
2018 JAMA Volume 319 Issue 3 January (28).pdf.jpg2018Risks of Statins for Lower-Risk IndividualsLichtman, Judith H; Howard, George; Brott, Thomas G
2018 JAMA Volume 319 Issue 3 January (20).pdf.jpg2018Risks of Statins for Lower-Risk IndividualsLichtman, Judith H; Howard, George; Brott, Thomas G
2018 Neurology Volume 91 Issue 18 October (9).pdf.jpg2018Sleep duration and risk of incident stroke by age , sex , and racePetrov, Megan E; Howard, George; Grandner, Michael A; Kleindorfer, Dawn; Molano, Jennifer R; Howard, Virginia J