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2017 JMC Volume 60 Issue 23 December (32).pdf.jpg2017Azetidine and Piperidine Carbamates as E ffi cient, Covalent Inhibitors of Monoacylglycerol LipaseButler, Christopher R; Beck, Elizabeth M; Harris, Anthony; Huang, Zhen; Mcallister, Laura A; Ende, Christopher W; Fennell, Kimberly; Foley, Timothy L; Fonseca, Kari; Hawrylik, Steven J; Johnson, Douglas S; Knafels, John D; Mente, Scot; Noell, G Stephen; Pandit, Jayvard
2016 JACC Volume 67 Issue 13 Supplement 1 April (629).pdf.jpg2016CLINICAL FEATURES AND OUTCOMES OF PATIENTS WITH TYPE 2 MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION: INSIGHTS FROM THE TRACER TRIALGuimaraes, Patricia; Leonardi, Sergio; Huang, Zhen; Wallentin, Lars; Werf, Frans Van De; Aylward, Philip; Held, Claes; Harrington, Robert; Moliterno, David; Armstrong, Paul; White, Harvey; Mahaffey, Kenneth; Tricoci, Pierluigi
2016 LANC Volume 387 Issue 10016 January (6).pdf.jpg2016Eff ect of the REG1 anticoagulation system versus bivalirudin on outcomes after percutaneous coronary intervention ( REGULATE-PCI ): a randomised clinical trialLincoff, A Michael; Mehran, Roxana; Povsic, Thomas J; Zelenkofske, Steven L; Huang, Zhen; Armstrong, Paul W; Steg, P Gabriel; Bode, Christoph; Lopez-sendon, Jose; Cornel, Jan H; Kasprzak, Jaroslaw D; Aschermann, Michael; Guetta, Victor; Morais, Joao; Sinnaeve, Peter R
2018 Laryngoscope Volume 128 Issue 4 April (21).pdf.jpg2018Pediatric cochlear implantation: Variation in income, race, payer, and charges across five statesHuang, Zhen; Gordish-Dressman, Heather; Preciado, Diego; Reilly, Brian K.
2017 LARYNGOSCOPE Volume 127 Issue 8 August (37).pdf.jpg2017Pediatric Peritonsillar Abscess : Outcomes and Cost Savings From Using Transcervical UltrasoundHuang, Zhen; Vintzileos, William; Gordish-dressman, Heather; Bandarkar, Anjum; Reilly, Brian K
2018 WM Volume 73 March  (43).pdf.jpg2018Reforming sewage sludge pyrolysis volatile with Fe-embedded char: Minimization of liquid product yieldYu, Guotao; Chen, Dezhen; Arena, Umberto; Huang, Zhen; Dai, Xiaohu