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2013medicine article af (412).pdf.jpg20133D ultrasound system to investigate intraventricular hemorrhage in preterm neonatesIopscience, My
2016 PMB Volume 61 Issue 8 April (3).pdf.jpg20163D – 2D image registration for target localization in spine surgery : investigation of similarity metrics providing robustness to content mismatchIopscience, My
2014medicine article ad (26).pdf.jpg20143D – 2D registration for surgical guidance : effect of projection view angles onIopscience, My
2013medicine article af (301).pdf.jpg2013Acceleration of image-based resolution modelling reconstruction using an expectation maximizationIopscience, My
2013medicine article af (351).pdf.jpg2013Acoustic super-resolution with ultrasound and microbubblesIopscience, My
2016 PMB Volume 61 Issue 4 February (18).pdf.jpg2016Analytical calculation of proton linear energy transfer in voxelized geometries including secondary protonsIopscience, My
2013medicine article af (258).pdf.jpg2013Application and experimental validation of an integral method for simulation of gradient-induced eddy currents on conducting surfaces during magneticIopscience, My
2012medicine article bp (140).pdf.jpg2012An approximate reconstruction method for helical cone-beam differential phase-contrast computed tomography imagesIopscience, My
2011medicine article s (195).pdf.jpg2011Assessment of induced SAR in children exposed to electromagnetic plane waves between 10 MHz and 5.6 GHzIopscience, My
2016 PMB Volume 61 Issue 1 January (19).pdf.jpg2016Assessment of optical CT as a future QA tool for synchrotron x-ray microbeam therapyIopscience, My
2013medicine article af (471).pdf.jpg2013Author index with titlesIopscience, My
2012medicine article bp (442).pdf.jpg2012Author index with titlesIopscience, My
2016 PMB Volume 61 Issue 7 April (1).pdf.jpg2016Automated 3D ultrasound elastography of the breast : a phantom validation studyIopscience, My
2017 PMB Volume 62 Issue 14 July (19).pdf.jpg2017Automatized spleen segmentation in non contrast enhanced MR volume data using subject specific shape priorsSearch, Home; Journals, Collections; Contact, About; Iopscience, My; Address, I P
2013medicine article af (390).pdf.jpg2013Beam controlled arc therapy — a delivery concept forIopscience, My
2016 PMB Volume 61 Issue 6 March (19).pdf.jpg2016Biologically effective dose in fractionated molecular radiotherapy — application to treatment of neuroblastoma with 131 I-mIBGIopscience, My
2011medicine article s (277).pdf.jpg2011Calculation of shear stiffness in noise dominated magnetic resonance elastography data based onIopscience, My
2013medicine article af (462).pdf.jpg2013Carotid artery wall motion analysis from B-mode ultrasound using adaptive block matching : in silico evaluation and in vivo applicationIopscience, My
2013medicine article af (250).pdf.jpg2013Characterization of speckle in lung images acquired with a benchtop in-line x-ray phase-contrast systemIopscience, My
2016 PMB Volume 61 Issue 6 March (13).pdf.jpg2016Characterization of the microbunch time structure of proton pencil beams at a clinical treatment facilityIopscience, My