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2013medicine article l (326).pdf.jpg2013Comparative study of bronchial artery revascularization in lung transplantationPettersson, Gösta B.; Karam, Karam; Thuita, Lucy; Johnston, Douglas R.; McCurry, Kenneth R.; Kapadia, Samir R.; Budev, Marie M.; Avery, Robin K.; Mason, David P.; Murthy, Sudish C.; Blackstone, Eugene H.
2018 ATS Volume 105 Issue 3 March (34).pdf.jpg2018Durability of Aortic Valve Cusp Repair With and Without Annular SupportZeeshan, Ahmad; Idrees, Jay J.; Johnston, Douglas R.; Rajeswaran, Jeevanantham; Roselli, Eric E.; Soltesz, Edward G.; Gillinov, a. Marc; Griffin, Brian; Grimm, Richard; Hammer, Donald F.; Pettersson, Gösta B.; Blackstone, Eugene H.; Sabik, Joseph F.; Svensson, Lars G.
2018 ATS Volume 105 Issue 3 March (22).pdf.jpg2018Evolution of Simplified Frozen Elephant Trunk Repair for Acute DeBakey Type I Dissection: Midterm OutcomesRoselli, Eric E.; Idrees, Jay J.; Bakaeen, Faisal G.; Tong, Michael Z.; Soltesz, Edward G.; Mick, Stephanie; Johnston, Douglas R.; Eagleton, Mathew J.; Menon, Venu; Svensson, Lars G.
2016 JACC Volume 68 Issue 20 November (14).pdf.jpg2016Long-Term Outcomes in Patients With Aortic Regurgitation and Preserved Left Ventricular Ejection FractionMentias, Amgad; Feng, Ke; Alashi, Alaa; Rodriguez, L. Leonardo; Gillinov, A. Marc; Johnston, Douglas R.; Sabik, Joseph F.; Svensson, Lars G.; Grimm, Richard A.; Griffin, Brian P.; Desai, Milind Y.
2012medicine article y (335).pdf.jpg2012Outcomes of less invasive J-incision approach to aortic valve surgeryJohnston, Douglas R.; Atik, Fernando a.; Rajeswaran, Jeevanantham; Blackstone, Eugene H.; Nowicki, Edward R.; Sabik, Joseph F.; Mihaljevic, Tomislav; Gillinov, a. Marc; Lytle, Bruce W.; Svensson, Lars G.
2015 JTCS Volume 150 Issue 5 November (1).pdf.jpg2015Prophylactic stage 1 elephant trunk for moderately dilated descending aorta in patients with predominantly proximal diseaseIdrees, Jay J.; Roselli, Eric E.; Wojnarski, Charles M.; Feng, Ke; Aftab, Muhammad; Johnston, Douglas R.; Soltesz, Edward G.; Sabik, Joseph F.; Svensson, Lars G.
2014medicine article m (52).pdf.jpg2014Should less-invasive aortic valve replacement be avoided in patients with pulmonary dysfunction?Albacker, Turki B.; Blackstone, Eugene H.; Williams, Sarah J.; Gillinov, a. Marc; Navia, Jose L.; Roselli, Eric E.; Keshavamurthy, Suresh; Pettersson, Gösta B.; Mihaljevic, Tomislav; Johnston, Douglas R.; Sabik, Joseph F.; Lytle, Bruce W.; Svensson, Lars G.
2016 JSR Volume 206 Issue 1 November (41).pdf.jpg2016Thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysm repair: big case, big risk, big center!Bakaeen, Faisal G.; Roselli, Eric E.; Johnston, Douglas R.; Soltesz, Edward G.; Tong, Michael Z.; Svensson, Lars G.