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2015 NEUOROLOY Volume 85 Issue 18 November (11).pdf.jpg2015Association of Lp-PLA 2 -A and early recurrence of vascular events after TIA and minor strokeLin, Jinxi; Cucchiara, Brett L; Wang, Chunxue; Mullen, Michael T; Johnston, S Claiborne
2013medicine article j (9).pdf.jpg2013Clopidogrel with Aspirin in Acute Minor Stroke or Transient Ischemic AttackMeng, Xia; Cui, Liying; Jia, Jianping; Johnston, S Claiborne; Investigators, Chance
2014medicine article z (314).pdf.jpg2014Deaths from stroke in US young adults, 1989-2009.Poisson, Sharon N; Glidden, David; Johnston, S Claiborne; Fullerton, Heather J
2013medicine article j (564).pdf.jpg2013Eculizumab in Atypical Hemolytic – Uremic SyndromeJohnston, S Claiborne; Ring, Troels
2015 NEUOROLOY Volume 85 Issue 7 August (2).pdf.jpg2015Effect of clopidogrel with aspirin on functional outcome in TIA or minor strokeWang, Xianwei; Johnston, S Claiborne; Hu, Bo; Wang, Chunxue; Wang, David; Wang, Anxin; Wang, Yongjun
2016 JAMA Volume 316 Issue 12 September (6).pdf.jpg2016Endovascular Thrombectomy for Ischemic Stroke The Second Quantum Leap in Stroke Systems of Care ?Warach, Steven; Johnston, S Claiborne
2018 Neurology Volume 90 issue 21 May (8).pdf.jpg2018Neutrophil counts , neutrophil ratio , and new stroke in minor ischemic stroke or TIAZhu, Bihong; Pan, Yuesong; Jing, Jing; Meng, Xia; Zhao, Xingquan; Liu, Liping; Wang, David; Johnston, S Claiborne; Li, Hao; Wang, Yilong; Wang, Zhimin; Wang, Yongjun
2018 NEJM Volume 379 Issue 3 July (11).pdf.jpg2018new england journalJohnston, S Claiborne; Easton, J Donald; Farrant, Mary; Barsan, William; Conwit, Robin A; Elm, Jordan J; Kim, Anthony S; Lindblad, Anne S
2018 Neurology Volume 91 Issue 10 September (13).pdf.jpg2018Oxidized low-density lipoprotein predicts recurrent stroke in patients with minor stroke orWang, Anxin; Xu, Jie; Chen, Guojuan; Wang, David; Johnston, S Claiborne; Meng, Xia; Lin, Jinxi; Li, Hao; Cao, Yibin; Zhang, Nan; Dai, Liye; Zhao, Xingquan; Liu, Liping; Wang, Yongjun; Wang, Yilong
2017 Neurology Volume 88 Issue 20 May (8).pdf.jpg2017Risks and benefits of clopidogrel–aspirin in minor stroke or TIA Time course analysis of CHANCEPan, Yuesong; Jing, Jing; Chen, Weiqi; Meng, Xia; Li, Hao; Zhao, Xingquan; Liu, Liping; Wang, David; Johnston, S Claiborne; Wang, Yilong; Wang, Yongjun
2018 JAMA Volume 320 Issue 10 September (21).pdf.jpg2018The US Training System for Physicians — Need for Deeper AnalysisJohnston, S Claiborne
2017 NEJM Volume 377 Issue 15 October (3).pdf.jpg2017Voluntary Site Accreditation — Improving the Execution of Multicenter Clinical TrialsJohnston, S Claiborne; Ph, D; Austin, Christopher P; Hall, Freda Lewis