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2017 JACC Volume 70 Issue 23 December (6).pdf.jpg20173-Year Clinical Outcomes With Everolimus-Eluting Bioresorbable Coronary ScaffoldsRizik, David G; Teirstein, Paul S; Litt, Marc R; Kini, Annapoorna; Kabour, Ameer
2015 JTCS Volume 149 Issue 5 May (10).pdf.jpg2015ACQUIRED CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE : CORONARY Impact of prior intracoronary stenting on late outcomes of coronary artery bypass surgery in diabetics with triple-vessel diseaseNauffal, Victor; Schwann, Thomas A; Yammine, Maroun B; Zein, H El; Kabour, Ameer; Engoren, Milo C; Habib, Robert H
2018 Lancet Volume 392 Issue 10157 October (14).pdf.jpg2018Blinded outcomes and angina assessment of coronary bioresorbable scaffolds: 30-day and 1-year results from the ABSORB IV randomised trialStone, Gregg W; Ellis, Stephen G; Gori, Tommaso; Metzger, D Christopher; Stein, Bernardo; Erickson, Matthew; Torzewski, Jan; Williams, Jerome; Lawson, William; Broderick, Thomas M; Kabour, Ameer; Piegari, Guy; Cavendish, Jeffrey; Bertolet, Barry; Choi, James W; Marx, St
2017 JACC Volume 70 Issue 23 December (2).pdf.jpg2017December 12, 2017 volume 70 number 23Juraschek, Stephen P; Iii, Edgar R Miller; Weaver, Connie M; Appel, Lawrence J; Kereiakes, Dean J; Ellis, Stephen G; Metzger, Christopher; Caputo, Ronald P; Rizik, David G; Teirstein, Paul S; Litt, Marc R; Kini, Annapoorna; Kabour, Ameer
2015 NEJM Volume 373 Issue 20 November (8).pdf.jpg2015Everolimus-Eluting Bioresorbable Scaffolds for Coronary Artery Disease - appendixEllis, Stephen G.; Kereiakes, Dean J.; Metzger, D. Christopher; Caputo, Ronald P.; Rizik, David G.; Teirstein, Paul S.; Litt, Marc R.; Kini, Annapoorna; Kabour, Ameer; Marx, Steven O.; Popma, Jeffrey J.; McGreevy, Robert; Zhang, Zhen; Simonton, Charles; Stone, Gregg W.
2016 JACC Volume 67 Issue 13 Supplement 1 April (231).pdf.jpg2016LATE CLINICAL OUTCOMES AFTER BIORESORBABLE OR PERMANENT POLYMER EVEROLIMUS-ELUTING STENTS: 2-YEAR RESULTS FROM THE EVOLVE II RANDOMIZED TRIALKereiakes, Dean J; Meredith, Ian; Windecker, Stephan; Kabour, Ameer; Bouchard, Alain; Kini, Annapoorna; Janssens, Luc; Foster, Michael; Stoler, Robert; Stuckey, Thomas; Batchelor, Wayne; Christen, Thomas; Allocco, Dominic; Dawkins, Keith