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2019 BloodJournalofHematology Volume 133 Issue 18 May (4).pdf.jpg2019The global clonal complexity of the murine blood system declines throughout life and after serial transplantationGanuza, Miguel; Hall, Trent; Finkelstein, David; Wang, Yong-Dong; Chabot, Ashley; Kang, Guolian; Bi, Wenjian; Wu, Gang; McKinney-Freeman, Shannon
2018 JPHOncology Volume 40 Issue 8 November (17).pdf.jpg2018Haploidentical Donor Transplantation Using a Novel Clofarabine-containing Conditioning Regimen for VeryNeoplasms, High-risk Hematologic Malignant; Sharma, Akshay; Kang, Guolian; Sunkara, Anusha; Geiger, Terrence; Triplett, Brandon
2016 BJH Volume 175 Issue 2 October (18).pdf.jpg2016Hydroxycarbamide treatment and brain MRI/MRA findings in children with sickle cell anaemiaNottage, Kerri A.; Ware, Russell E.; Aygun, Banu; Smeltzer, Matthew; Kang, Guolian; Moen, Joseph; Wang, Winfred C.; Hankins, Jane S.; Helton, Kathleen J.
2018 JAAPOS Volume 22 Issue 2 April (20).pdf.jpg2018Ocular complications in a young pediatric population following bone marrow transplantationHoehn, Mary Ellen; Calderwood, Julie; Gannon, Edwin; Cook, Brittany; Rochester, Richard; Hartford, Christine; Triplett, Brandon; Sunkara, Anusha; Kang, Guolian; Walton, R Christopher
2017 JPHO Volume 39 Issue 8 November (4).pdf.jpg2017Safe Use of Low – Molecular-weight Heparin in Pediatric Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and Lymphoma Around Lumbar PuncturesEstepp, Jeremie H; Smeltzer, Matthew P; Kang, Guolian; Howard, Scott C; Reiss, Ulrike M
2020 Biostatistics Volume 21 Issue 1 January (5).pdf.jpg2020STEPS: An efficient prospective likelihood approach to genetic association analyses of secondary traits in extreme phenotype sequencingBi, Wenjian; Li, Yun; Smeltzer, Matthew P.; Gao, Guimin; Zhao, Shengli; Kang, Guolian
2018 Bjhematology Volume 183 Issue 5 December (25).pdf.jpg2018Ventricular global longitudinal strain is altered in children with sickle cell diseaseWhipple, Nicholas S.; Naik, Ronak J.; Kang, Guolian; Moen, Joseph; Govindaswamy, Sarala D.; Fowler, James a.; Dowdy, Jolanta; Penkert, Rhiannon; Joshi, Vijaya M.; Hankins, Jane S.