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2015 JN Volume 123 Issue 1 July (15).pdf.jpg2015Acute intracranial bleeding and recurrence after bur hole craniostomy for chronic subdural hematoma.Pang, Chang Hwan; Lee, Soo Eon; Kim, Chang Hyeun; Kim, Jeong Eun; Kang, Hyun-Seung; Park, Chul-Kee; Paek, Sun Ha; Kim, Chi Heon; Jahng, Tae-Ahn; Kim, Jin Wook; Kim, Yong Hwy; Kim, Dong Gyu; Chung, Chun Kee; Jung, Hee-Won; Yoo, Heon
2015 NCNA Volume 26 Issue 1 March (13).pdf.jpg2015C e n t r a l N e u roc y t o m a Establishment of the Disease EntityKim, Dong Gyu; Park, Chul-kee
2015 NCNA Volume 26 Issue 1 March (8).pdf.jpg2015Clinical Outcome and Qua lity of Life Af t er Treatment of Patients w ith C e n t r a l N e u roc y t o m aKim, Chae-yong; Kim, Dong Gyu
2018 JN Volume 128 Issue 5 May (8).pdf.jpg2018Clinical outcomes of an endoscopic transclival and transpetrosal approach for primary skull base malignancies involving the clivusKim, Yong Hwy; Jeon, Chiman; Se, Young-bem; Hong, Sang Duk; Seol, Ho Jun; Lee, Jung-il; Park, Chul-kee; Kim, Dong Gyu; Jung, Hee-won; Han, Doo Hee; Nam, Do-hyun; Kong, Doo-sik
9783805596176.pdf.jpg2012Current and future management of brain metastasis /Kim, Dong Gyu ; Lunsford, L Dade
2018 JN Volume 129 Issue 2 August (14).pdf.jpg2018Delayed facial palsy after microvascular decompression for hemifacial spasm: friend or foe?Jeon, Beomseok; Kim, Han-joon; Kim, Dong Gyu
2016 JN Volume 12 Issue 4 October (5).pdf.jpg2016Gamma Knife surgery for tumor-related trigeminal neuralgia: targeting both the tumor and the trigeminal root exit zone in a single sessionKim, Sung Kwon; Kim, Dong Gyu; Se, Young-bem; Kim, Jin Wook; Kim, Yong Hwy; Chung, Hyun-tai; Paek, Sun Ha
2016 JN Volume 124 Issue 4 April (25).pdf.jpg2016Long-term treatment outcome of venous-predominant arteriovenous malformationJeon, Jin Pyeong; Kim, Jeong Eun; Ahn, Jun Hyong; Cho, Won-sang; Cho, Young Dae; Son, Young-je; Bang, Jae Seung; Kang, Hyun-seung; Sohn, Chul-ho; Chung, Hyun-tai; Oh, Chang Wan; Kim, Dong Gyu
2015 NCNA Volume 26 Issue 1 March (15).pdf.jpg2015R a re P e d i a t r i c C e n t r a l N e u ro c y t o m a s Central neurocytoma Children TreatmentPhi, Ji Hoon; Kim, Dong Gyu