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2012medicine article ab (701).pdf.jpg2012Afferent Loop Syndrome : Treatment by Means of theHan, Kichang; Song, Ho-young; Kim, Jin Hyoung; Park, Jung-hoon; Han, K; Hy, Song; Jh, Kim
2012medicine article ab (127).pdf.jpg2012Airway complications after covered stent placement for malignant esophageal stricture: special reference to radiation therapy.Park, Ji Yeon; Shin, Ji Hoon; Song, Ho-Young; Yi, Seong Yoon; Kim, Jin Hyoung
2012medicine article ab (336).pdf.jpg2012Benign anastomotic strictures after esophagectomy: long-term effectiveness of balloon dilation and factors affecting recurrence in 155 patients.Park, Ju Yang; Song, Ho-Young; Kim, Jin Hyoung; Park, Jung-Hoon; Na, Han Kyu; Kim, Yong Hee; Park, Seung-Il
2012medicine article ab (59).pdf.jpg2012Evaluation of the incidence of esophageal complications associated with balloon dilation and their management in patients with malignant esophageal strictures.Fan, Yong; Song, Ho-Young; Kim, Jin Hyoung; Park, Jung-Hoon; Kim, Jinoo; Jung, Hwoon-Yong; Kim, Sung-Bae; Lee, Heuiran
2013medicine article o (130).pdf.jpg2013in-Stent Deployment TechniqueObstruction, Biliary; Kim, Jin Hyoung; Kim, Kyung-ah
2018 BJO Volume 102 Issue 1 January  (7).pdf.jpg2018Long-term clinical outcome of femtosecond laser- assisted lamellar keratectomy with phototherapeutic keratectomy in anterior corneal stromal dystrophyLee, Jonghyun; Kim, Jin Hyoung; Lee, Doh; Chang, Ji Woong; Shin, Joo Youn; Seo, Ji Won; Seo, Min Hwan; Moon, Nam Ju
2015 AJR Volume 204 Issue 5 May (17).pdf.jpg2015Migration of retrievable expandable metallic stents inserted for malignant esophageal strictures: incidence, management, and prognostic factors in 332 patientsPark, Jung Hoon; Song, Ho Young; Shin, Ji Hoon; Cho, Young Chul; Kim, Jin Hyoung; Kim, Soo Hwan; Park, Jihong
2012medicine article ab (133).pdf.jpg2012Percutaneous radiofrequency ablation using internally cooled wet electrodes for the treatment of hepatocellular carcinomaKim, Jin Hyoung; Kim, Pyo Nyun; Won, Hyung Jin; Shin, Yong Moon
2012medicine article ab (334).pdf.jpg2012Placement of a covered expandable metallic stent to treat nonanastomotic malignant jejunal obstructions after total gastrectomy with esophagojejunostomy.Park, Jung-Hoon; Song, Ho-Young; Kim, Jin Hyoung; Nam, Deok Ho; Bae, Jae-Ik; Ryu, Min-Hee; Jung, Hwoon-Yong
2012medicine article ab (383).pdf.jpg2012Polytetrafluoroethylene-covered retrievable expandable nitinol stents for malignant esophageal obstructions: factors influencing the outcome of 270 patients.Park, Jung-Hoon; Song, Ho-Young; Kim, Jin Hyoung; Jung, Hwoon-Yong; Kim, Jong-Hoon; Kim, Sung-Bae; Lee, Heuiran
2015 AJR Volume 205 Issue 1 July (1).pdf.jpg2015Preliminary results of percutaneous radiologic gastrostomy in a pediatric population: A modified chiba-needle puncture technique with single gastropexyJeong, Eun Ji; Song, Ho Young; Park, Jung Hoon; Shin, Ji Hoon; Kim, Jin Hyoung; Kim, Soo Hwan; Cho, Young Chul
2012medicine article ab (448).pdf.jpg2012Retrospective comparison of internally and externally covered retrievable stent placement for patients with benign urethral strictures caused by traumatic injury.Na, Han Kyu; Song, Ho-Young; Yeo, Hyun Jin; Park, Jung-Hoon; Kim, Jin Hyoung; Park, Hyungkeun; Kim, Choung-soo