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2012medicine article ab (701).pdf.jpg2012Afferent Loop Syndrome : Treatment by Means of theHan, Kichang; Song, Ho-young; Kim, Jin Hyoung; Park, Jung-hoon; Han, K; Hy, Song; Jh, Kim
2012medicine article ab (127).pdf.jpg2012Airway complications after covered stent placement for malignant esophageal stricture: special reference to radiation therapy.Park, Ji Yeon; Shin, Ji Hoon; Song, Ho-Young; Yi, Seong Yoon; Kim, Jin Hyoung
2012medicine article ab (336).pdf.jpg2012Benign anastomotic strictures after esophagectomy: long-term effectiveness of balloon dilation and factors affecting recurrence in 155 patients.Park, Ju Yang; Song, Ho-Young; Kim, Jin Hyoung; Park, Jung-Hoon; Na, Han Kyu; Kim, Yong Hee; Park, Seung-Il
2020 AJoR Volume 215 Issue 3 September (1).pdf.jpg2020Chemoembolization for the Treatment of Hepatocellular Barcelona Clinic Liver Cancer stageKim, Jin Hyoung
2012medicine article ab (59).pdf.jpg2012Evaluation of the incidence of esophageal complications associated with balloon dilation and their management in patients with malignant esophageal strictures.Fan, Yong; Song, Ho-Young; Kim, Jin Hyoung; Park, Jung-Hoon; Kim, Jinoo; Jung, Hwoon-Yong; Kim, Sung-Bae; Lee, Heuiran
2019 OoMC Volume 62 Issue 20 October (14).pdf.jpg2019Identification of a Unique Resorcylic Acid Lactone Derivative That Targets Both Lymphangiogenesis and AngiogenesisHan, Youngsun; Sengupta, Sandip; Lee, Byung Joo; Cho, Hanna; Kim, Jiknyeo; Choi, Hwan Geun; Dash, Uttam; Kim, Jin Hyoung; Kim, Nam Doo; Kim, Jeong Hun; Sim, Taebo
2013medicine article o (130).pdf.jpg2013in-Stent Deployment TechniqueObstruction, Biliary; Kim, Jin Hyoung; Kim, Kyung-ah
2018 BJO Volume 102 Issue 1 January  (7).pdf.jpg2018Long-term clinical outcome of femtosecond laser- assisted lamellar keratectomy with phototherapeutic keratectomy in anterior corneal stromal dystrophyLee, Jonghyun; Kim, Jin Hyoung; Lee, Doh; Chang, Ji Woong; Shin, Joo Youn; Seo, Ji Won; Seo, Min Hwan; Moon, Nam Ju
2015 AJR Volume 204 Issue 5 May (17).pdf.jpg2015Migration of retrievable expandable metallic stents inserted for malignant esophageal strictures: incidence, management, and prognostic factors in 332 patientsPark, Jung Hoon; Song, Ho Young; Shin, Ji Hoon; Cho, Young Chul; Kim, Jin Hyoung; Kim, Soo Hwan; Park, Jihong
2012medicine article ab (133).pdf.jpg2012Percutaneous radiofrequency ablation using internally cooled wet electrodes for the treatment of hepatocellular carcinomaKim, Jin Hyoung; Kim, Pyo Nyun; Won, Hyung Jin; Shin, Yong Moon
2012medicine article ab (334).pdf.jpg2012Placement of a covered expandable metallic stent to treat nonanastomotic malignant jejunal obstructions after total gastrectomy with esophagojejunostomy.Park, Jung-Hoon; Song, Ho-Young; Kim, Jin Hyoung; Nam, Deok Ho; Bae, Jae-Ik; Ryu, Min-Hee; Jung, Hwoon-Yong
2012medicine article ab (383).pdf.jpg2012Polytetrafluoroethylene-covered retrievable expandable nitinol stents for malignant esophageal obstructions: factors influencing the outcome of 270 patients.Park, Jung-Hoon; Song, Ho-Young; Kim, Jin Hyoung; Jung, Hwoon-Yong; Kim, Jong-Hoon; Kim, Sung-Bae; Lee, Heuiran
2015 AJR Volume 205 Issue 1 July (1).pdf.jpg2015Preliminary results of percutaneous radiologic gastrostomy in a pediatric population: A modified chiba-needle puncture technique with single gastropexyJeong, Eun Ji; Song, Ho Young; Park, Jung Hoon; Shin, Ji Hoon; Kim, Jin Hyoung; Kim, Soo Hwan; Cho, Young Chul
2012medicine article ab (448).pdf.jpg2012Retrospective comparison of internally and externally covered retrievable stent placement for patients with benign urethral strictures caused by traumatic injury.Na, Han Kyu; Song, Ho-Young; Yeo, Hyun Jin; Park, Jung-Hoon; Kim, Jin Hyoung; Park, Hyungkeun; Kim, Choung-soo