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2013medicine article p (421).pdf.jpg2013Influence of the vitreomacular interface on outcomes of ranibizumab therapy in neovascular age-related macular degeneration.Mayr-Sponer, Ulrike; Waldstein, Sebastian M; Kundi, Michael; Ritter, Markus; Golbaz, Isabelle; Heiling, Ursula; Papp, Andrea; Simader, Christian; Schmidt-Erfurth, Ursula
2014medicine article o (323).pdf.jpg2014Morphologic parameters relevant for visual outcome during anti-angiogenic therapy of neovascular age-related macular degenerationSimader, Christian; Ritter, Markus; Bolz, Matthias; Deák, Gabor G.; Mayr-Sponer, Ulrike; Golbaz, Isabelle; Kundi, Michael; Schmidt-Erfurth, Ursula M.
2015 OJAAO Volume 122 Issue 4 April (18).pdf.jpg2015Pigment Epithelial Detachment Followed by Retinal Cystoid Degeneration Leads to Vision Loss in Treatment of Neovascular Age-Related Macular DegenerationSchmidt-erfurth, Ursula; Waldstein, Sebastian M; Deak, Gabor-gyoergy; Kundi, Michael; Simader, Christian
2018 BJO Volume 102 Issue 2 February  (8).pdf.jpg2018Predictive imaging biomarkers relevant for functional and anatomical outcomes during ranibizumab therapy of diabetic macular oedemaGerendas, Bianca S; Prager, Sonja; Deak, Gabor; Simader, Christian; Lammer, Jan; Waldstein, Sebastian M; Guerin, Tadhg; Kundi, Michael; Schmidt-erfurth, Ursula Margarethe
2018 JP Volume 89 Issue 1 January  (12).pdf.jpg2018Prevalence of Comorbidities in Periodontitis Patients Compared to the General Austrian PopulationSperr, Martina; Kundi, Michael; Tursic, Vernes; Bristela, Margit; Moritz, Andreas; Andrukhov, Oleh; Rausch-Fan, Xiaohui; Sperr, Wolfgang R.
2018 CRFSN Volume 58 Issue 2 January  (9).pdf.jpg2018Red meat , diseases , and healthy alternatives : A critical reviewEkmekcioglu, Cem; Wallner, Peter; Kundi, Michael; Weisz, Ulli; Haas, Willi; Hutter, Hans-peter; Ekmekcioglu, Cem; Wallner, Peter; Kundi, Michael; Weisz, Ulli; Haas, Willi