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2018 Chemosphere Volume 191  January  (25).pdf.jpg2018Chemosphere Effect of pore structure on the removal of clo fi bric acid by magnetic anion exchange resinTan, Liang; Shuang, Chendong; Wang, Yunshu; Wang, Jun; Su, Yihong; Li, Aimin
2018 WaterR Volume 143 October (12).pdf.jpg2018Coagulation/flocculation in dewatering of sludge: A reviewWei, Hua; Gao, Boqiang; Ren, Jie; Li, Aimin; Yang, Hu
2018 WATER Volume 141 September (11).pdf.jpg2018Evaluation of the structural morphology of starch- graft -poly ( acrylic acid ) on its scale-inhibition ef fi ciency *Yu, Wei; Wang, Yawen; Li, Aimin; Yang, Hu
2018 WasteManagement Volume 79 September (76).pdf.jpg2018Facile synthesis of nano ZnO/ZnS modified biochar by directly pyrolyzing of zinc contaminated corn stover for Pb(II), Cu(II) and Cr(VI) removalsLi, Changjing; Zhang, Lei; Gao, Yuan; Li, Aimin
2019 ACBE Volume 242 March (27).pdf.jpg2019Growth of graphene-supported hollow cobalt sulfide nanocrystals via MOF-templated ligand exchange as surface-bound radical sinks for highly efficient bisphenol A degradationZhu, Changqing; Liu, Fuqiang; Ling, Chen; Jiang, Hao; Wu, Haide; Li, Aimin
2018 Chemosphere Volume 197  April  (49).pdf.jpg2018High-resolution insight into the competitive adsorption of heavy metals on natural sediment by site energy distributionHuang, Limin; Jin, Qiang; Tandon, Puja; Li, Aimin; Shan, Aidang; Du, Jiajie
2019 ACBE Volume 251 August (25).pdf.jpg2019Highly efficient sunlight-driven reduction of Cr(VI) by TiO 2Yuan, Ranran; Yue, Cailiang; Qiu, Jinli; Liu, Fuqiang; Li, Aimin
2018 WaterResearch Volume 146 December (25).pdf.jpg2018New phenolic halogenated disinfection byproducts in simulated chlorinated drinking water: Identification, decomposition, and control by ozone-activated carbon treatmentHuang, Yan; Li, Huan; Zhou, Qing; Li, Aimin; Shuang, Chendong; Xian, Qiming; Xu, Bin; Pan, Yang
2020 ACBE Volume 269 July (46).pdf.jpg2020OCNTs encapsulating Fe-Co PBA as efficient chainmail-like electrocatalyst for enhanced heterogeneous electro-Fenton reactionCheng, Song; Shen, Chen; Zheng, Hao; Liu, Fuqiang; Li, Aimin
2018 WM Volume 77 July (56).pdf.jpg2018Self-activation of biochar from furfural residues by recycled pyrolysis gasYin, Yulei; Gao, Yuan; Li, Aimin
2018 WasteManagement Volume 80 October (34).pdf.jpg2018Thermally assisted bio-drying of food waste: Synergistic enhancement and energetic evaluationMa, Jiao; Zhang, Lei; Mu, Lan; Zhu, Kongyun; Li, Aimin