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2018 Chemosphere Volume 194  March  (63).pdf.jpg2018Chemosphere Response to the comments on ‘‘ Changes in activation energy and kinetics of heat-activated persulfate oxidation of phenol in response to changes in pH and temperature ’’ by Ma , J ., Li , H ., Chi , L ., Chen , H ., &Chemosphere, C; Ma, Jie; Li, Haiyan; Chi, Liping
2016 JACC Volume 9 Issue 22 November (8).pdf.jpg2016Cost-Effectiveness of Endovascular Femoropopliteal Intervention Using Drug-Coated Balloons Versus Standard Percutaneous Transluminal AngioplastySalisbury, Adam C; Li, Haiyan; Vilain, Katherine R; Jaff, Michael R; Schneider, Peter A; Laird, John R; Cohen, David J
2012medicine article bc (809).pdf.jpg2012Cost-Effectiveness of Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement Compared With Surgical Aortic Valve Replacement in High-Risk Patients With Severe Aortic Stenosis Results of the PARTNER ( Placement of Aortic Transcatheter Valves )A, Trial Cohort; Wang, Kaijun; Vilain, Katherine; Li, Haiyan; Walczak, Joshua; Pinto, Duane S; Thourani, Vinod H; Svensson, Lars G; Mack, Michael J; Miller, D Craig; Satler, Lowell E; Bavaria, Joseph; Smith, Craig R; Leon, Martin B; Cohen, David J; Investigators,
2015 JTCS Volume 150 Issue 6 December (11).pdf.jpg2015Endovascular repair by customized branched stent-graft: A promising treatment for chronic aortic dissection involving the arch branchesLu, Qingsheng; Feng, Jiaxuan; Zhou, Jian; Zhao, Zhiqing; Li, Haiyan; Teng, Zhongzhao; Jing, Zaiping
2019 JACCCI Volume 12 Issue 4 February (4).pdf.jpg2019In-Hospital Costs and Costs of Complications of Chronic Total Occlusion Angioplasty: Insights From the OPEN-CTO RegistrySalisbury, Adam C.; Karmpaliotis, Dimitri; Grantham, J. Aaron; Sapontis, James; Meng, Qingrui; Magnuson, Elizabeth a.; Gada, Hemal; Lombardi, William; Moses, Jeffrey; Li, Haiyan; Arnold, Suzanne V.; Baron, Suzanne J.; Spertus, John a.; Cohen, David J.
2019 JACCCI Volume 12 Issue 4 February (21).pdf.jpg2019Inside This IssueSalisbury, Adam C; Karmpaliotis, Dimitri; Grantham, J Aaron; Sapontis, James; Meng, Qingrui; Magnuson, Elizabeth A; Gada, Hemal; Lombardi, William; Moses, Jeffrey; Li, Haiyan; Arnold, Suzanne V; Baron, Suzanne J; Spertus, John A; Cohen, David J; Lefevre, Thierry; Louvar
2015 PM Volume 81 Issue 2 January (7).pdf.jpg2015Polysaccharides of dendrobium officinale induce aquaporin 5 translocation by activating M3 muscarinic receptorsLin, Xiang; Liu, Jingyi; Chung, Wingyan; Sze, Stephen Cho Wing; Li, Haiyan; Lao, Lixing; Zhang, Yanbo
2012medicine article aa (67).pdf.jpg2012Preparation and evaluation of andrographolide-loaded microemulsionDu, Hong; Yang, Xuezhi; Li, Haiyan; Han, Liwei; Li, Xiangri; Dong, Xiaoying; Zhu, Qingwen
2017 JACC Volume 70 Issue 5 August (2).pdf.jpg2017Striking the Balance Between Bene fi ts and Costs of Ticagrelor Beyond 1 Year After Myocardial Infarction Eliano P. Navarese, Jan G.P. Tijssen 539Raza, Sajjad; Blackstone, Eugene H; Houghtaling, Penny L; Rajeswaran, Jeevanantham; Riaz, Haris; Bakaeen, Faisal G; Lincoff, A Michael; Iii, Joseph F Sabik; Taggart, David P; Benedetto, Umberto; Magnuson, Elizabeth A; Li, Haiyan; Wang, Kaijun; Vilain, Katherine; Sha, A
2014medicine article i (1).pdf.jpg2014‘‘ Whole Chinese angelica ’’ microemulsion : its preparation and in vivo and in vitro evaluationsDu, Hong; Feng, Qianjin; Yang, Xuezhi; Xu, Rongting; Li, Haiyan; Dong, Xiaoying; Zhu, Qingwen; Wang, Danwei; Lu, Xiaoyan; Niu, Xin